Arcade Games
The idea behind the Retro Love series is to pay tribute to the amazing games from a good while ago. While we have covered a good number of games in this series so far, we have always done that with the conscious effort that what we express reflects our experience with the game and that...
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The Dichotomy Between the Creators and the Sellers of a Videogame
We live in a time where science, technology and innovations have made living on this planet more comfortable than ever before. So much so that in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we keep ourselves entertained through various forms of entertainment. Amidst the shortage of toilet papers, savage memes, and cities under lockdown, one other...
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Nostalgia is a funny thing! Often time it kicks in when we see, hear or experience any form of art. The sheer joy of experiencing our long-time memories through these mediums is priceless. Most of the movies, music and books remain exactly the way we remember them. But the same cannot be said about videogames....
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