Game Compatibility Testing Services

Why is compatibility testing crucial for a game to be successful?

In most instances, the platforms are developed and produced differently but are intended to work hand in hand with the games. Compatibility issues have been one of the biggest challenges in the video game industry. This has been widely noticed with some of the most anticipated titles over the past 5 years resulting in critically negative reviews and poor sales in some cases.

Spending a lot of time and effort in developing a game is not all what is required. All customers should have consistent and expected user experience. This is why compatibility testing is very crucial for a game to be successful. Hence, the requirement for a solid team when it comes to compatibility testing.

The below approach in addition to our vast inventory across platforms, has helped us nail the compatibility requirements for our clients every single time.


Game Compatibility Testing Solutions

Although we identify different platforms as Android, iOS, PC, etc. there is a lot going on at the hardware end of things as well. Difference in chipsets, resolution, processors, drivers, OS, firmware etc. affects the performance of the game across all configurations.

At iXie Gaming, we determine what the trackable data points should be for a game on any platform with respect to game compatibility test requirements. These range from OS Compatibility to Resolutions, GPUs, Framerate, Load times, Memory usage etc.

This helps us meet the customer’s expectations in hard data points and highlight areas of concern.

Do you want your games to work seamlessly across devices and platforms?

You are at the right place. iXie’s end-to-end compatibility services includes testing browsers, hardware, network, mobile devices, PC etc.

Our Game Compatibility Testing Solutions

Browser Compatibility Testing

Hardware Compatibility Testing

Network Compatibility Testing (IPv4, IPv6)

Mobile Compatibility

  • iOS compatibility testing
  • Android compatibility testing
  • Kindle compatibility testing

PC Compatibility Testing

  • Mac compatibility testing
  • Windows compatibility testing
  • Linux compatibility testing

Version Compatibility testing

  • Forward Compatibility Testing
  • Backward Compatibility Testing

Our inventory covers:

PC Gaming Platforms

Windows, Mac, Linux, Browsers, Origin, Epicstore, Steam

Console Gaming Platforms

 Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation

Mobile Gaming Platforms

iOS, Android and Kindle

Our success relies on the following factors:

  • Tailored approached to each individual project
  • Embrace industry’s best practices
  • Expertise on QA solutions
  • Leadership team which gives consultation for FREE

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