Game Compatibility Testing Services

In the most instance, the game hardware and software are developed and produced differently but are expected to work hand in hand. This is one of the biggest challenges in video game development.

The game QA process has to anticipate this scenario. If we consider the emerging game technology, there are boundless options for game consumers and you should know if your game can perform seamlessly across all devices and platforms. iXie is making a difference in this space.

Our matchless inventory of game testing infrastructure and 24/7 available game test lab enables us to test multi-platform games on actual devices opposed to emulators or simulators.

ith our knowledge repository built over 6+ years, and on-demand services, we reduce the cost of Game QA by 50% for our customers.

Why Compatibility testing is important?

Spending a lot of time and effort in developing a game is not all what is required. All of the customers should have consistent and expected user experience. This is why compatibility testing is very crucial for a game to be successful. A thorough compatibility check will uncover the issues affecting the user experience.

This could be –

Content Alignment

The game content might not fit for smaller mobile devices

Size of the Content

The size of the game content should be optimized both for larger and smaller devices

Game Navigation

Game navigation in mobile might require different navigation techniques when compared to desktop

Game Component Functionality

The behaviour of the game component should be consistent across devices and platforms

Other game compatibility issues could be because of installations & upgrade, OS dependency/versions and responsiveness.

Need for Compatibility Testing

Every Game’s success depends on user satisfaction and that is related to seamless and consistent user experience across platforms and devices.

Game compatibility testing can ensure the detection of these kinds of issues before the game is launched in the market. Compatibility testing also ensures if the game meets all the requirements set by both the game publishers and the end users. Thus, the stability of the game across platforms in turn improves the reputation of the game publisher.

Every Game’s success depends on user satisfaction and that is related to seamless and consistent user experience across platforms and devices.

The type of compatibility testing can be defined with the help of different browsers, hardware, network, mobile devices, operating systems, and versions.

Browser Compatibility Testing

It is the most commonly used and is a primary compatibility check. With this done once, we can ensure if the game is stable across different types of browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Hardware Compatibility Testing

Hardware compatibility testing is related to the validation of the game across different hardware configurations.


Network Compatibility Testing

It is ensuring if the game works well with different types of network connections such as Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G mobile data.

Mobile Device Compatibility Testing

It is done to check if the game is working fine with different mobile devices on different platforms- iOS, Android or Windows OS.

Compatibility check of different OS ensures if the game works fine with OS such as Windows, Linux or MAC.

Version Compatibility testing

It is an important test where the game is tested for its consistency for upcoming and older versions of platforms, devices or OS.

With this, we can classify version compatibility testing into two types.

Forward Compatibility Testing

This test type verifies if the game is compatible to the newer and upcoming versions of the OS & platforms

Backward Compatibility Testing

This type ensures if the game is compatible with the older versions of OS’ and devices.

Challenges in Compatibility Testing

Technology boom is obvious and is here to stay. Time and number are majorly contributing factor for every industry and it applies for games as well. The phenomenal growth of hardware and software combinations has opened up paths for game QA.

“18% of the companies say that they don’t have time to perform testing across every single device. 65% of them don’t have the right testing tools. 52% say that there is a lack of devices”

Let us now list the major challenges faced while performing game compatibility testing :


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Compatibility testing process

Every testing process can be divided into six simple steps

iXie’s Gaming Compatibility Testing Capabilities

  1. Dedicated Game Centre of Excellence

  2. Accelerated Frameworks for Test Automation

  3. Gaming Platforms

    • Desktop Gaming Platforms – Steam, Linux, Windows, MAC

    • Online Gaming Platforms – OpenFeint, Facebook, Dacadoo

    • Console Gaming Platforms – XBOX One, NintendoDS, PS4, Wii

    • Mobile Gaming Platforms – iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry


iXie’s game compatibility testing lab is equipped with the most prime and updated devices in the market. Oour framework for accelerated compatibility testing enables our clients to leverage pay – on – usage model. With our knowledge repository built over 6+ years, we prevent negative impacts on your brand and revenue streams and reduce customer support overheads.

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