Game Compliance Testing Services

At the end of day, video games are not only about becoming a critical hit in the market but to be financially successful as well. For a game to make money, it needs to conform to manufacturer’s guidelines. One of the primary requirements of manufacturer’s guidelines is the performance and stability of the game on the end user’s hardware.

In addition, no platform manufacturer would want their reputation to be tarnished or questioned due to the quality of products released by other developers on their platform. This is specifically why almost every platform manufacturer came up with a submission process regulated by required and recommended rules set by them. Every piece of program, software or video game to be released needs to adhere to these regulations.

And that, is Compliance Testing. Ensuring that the game adheres to the platform manufacturers’ rules and regulations.

When to perform Game Compliance Testing?

Game compliance testing should be initiated once a build hits Alpha milestones to assist full testing coverage followed by hassle-free game submission. With our inventory of devices across all platforms (Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch and iOS), our team performs in-depth compliance testing using updated platform manufacturer’s regulations ensuring first submission pass every time.

As part of the Compliance testing process, the platform manufacturers provide a variety of tools to run tests. These tools further assist with tracking defects as well as monitoring performance and stability.

This demands an experienced team to ensure that all boxes are checked.

Does your game comply to the guidelines and standards set by the manufacturer?

We can help you avoid financial losses by building a stable product with no legal consequences.

iXie’s game Compliance Testing solutions inspect and ensure that the game is compliant to the industry’s regulatory standards. Our team is well versed in:

Sony Technical Requirements Checklist (TRC)

Microsoft Technical Certification Requirements (TCR/XR)

Nintendo Lotcheck

iOS and Android Compliance Checklists

Benefits of Game Compliance Testing

The following are the benefits you get from our game compliance testing solutions:

  • Superior game quality
  • Bug free games
  • Suggestions towards game design
  • Comprehensive end user experience
  • A testing process is in place

Even a single violation depending upon its severity will result in game rejection and incur additional costs in further testing and resubmission.

In addition, the important SKU releases may be missed due to this delay, costing the publisher larger sums.

We work with evolving technologies and devices in the industry


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