Game QA Services

iXie Gaming, focuses on game QA of Console, Handheld, PC and Mobile device based games over a broad range of test types – from Functional testing to Usability and Destructive testing.

The spine of any game. Without this, nobody is going to touch it. Good gameplay is based on 2 components: Story Arc. & Game Mechanics.

Story Arc – Any game has a progression flow.
It is designed in a fashion to grasp the user’s attention and carry them away. Like a wave. For this to happen, every subcomponent of the progression system needs to be supporting each other. The events at the end of the story arc should support the events/actions of the user during progression. This, in turn, needs to be supported by the choices made in the beginning. This is usually provided in a variety of ways:

  • Information codices.
  • Storytelling.

Game Mechanics – Game Mechanics play a 2 pronged role:

  • Support the story line – If the progression is story heavy, the mechanics of the game are designed to uphold & support the same.
  • Develop storyline – If the progression is open, the mechanics influence the user to develop their own arc..

To ensure that the above spinal system is cohesive and functions smoothly, a battery of tests should be performed on the builds. These tests ensure that the game sticks to the intended vision, and provide a high-quality immersive experience to the Game Player.


Types of Testing

Functional Testing

The core functions of the game are tested here. This includes, but is not limited to:

Movement Controls

Combat Controls

Menu Transitions

Area Transitions

Gameplay Testing

Gameplay testing is a two-pronged affair. iXie ensures the progression flow of story arc or character development arc is in sync with the expected start & end visions of design.

Progression testing

Side Quests / Mini-Game testing


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Network Testing

Does your game support multiplayer? Well, network testing ensures your multiplayer mode is top notch. Network testing essentially tests how the game reacts to connectivity over the Internet / local network. iXie ensures that user is delivered 100% satisfaction if the game is connected as per the recommended network specifications.

Compliance Testing

Game compliance ensures that the game adheres to the regulations laid out by the manufacturers and clears the submissions at first go.
At iXie, we focus on the following compliance testing:

Sony Technical Requirements Checklist (TRC)

Microsoft Technical Certification Requirements (TCR)

iOS Compliance Checklist

Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE (GFWL)

Browser & Device Compatibility Testing

Compatibility ensures not just the stability of the game; but also ensures that the performance remains optimal in the supported hardware. For effective compatibility testing, we at iXie

    • Periodically review the inventory to keep pace with the market
    • Test the game on most popular devices in relevant geographies including top-end, mid-range, and bottom-feeders
    • Actively manage installed OS versions to ensure coverage of most supported ranges

Ad-hoc & Destructive Testing

Most games have global launch thanks to the Internet. And that means, in theory at least, the world can access your game.

This means millions of players. Hence, millions of player types.

Ad-hoc testing and destructive testing at iXie ensure that your game can respond to whims & fancies of everyone, in a positive manner.