Mobile Game Testing Services

iXie’s game testing team has seen many Android and iOS games tested from scratch and successfully launched on time. With an assorted experience in testing more than 150 titles covering various genres, iXie has been a major player in the success of different mobile games. Over years, iXie has been the preferred long-term game QA partner for both start-up game studios to leading publishers in the game industry.

“A market research says that the Mobile Game market share has grown from $46 billion to $50 billionwhich is about 43% of global game market shareThat’s an awesome news!!”

Challenges in Mobile Game Testing

The mobile game segment is a fiercely contended  segment and the game users have a short attention span. Gamer’s lifetime value for each game is heavily dependent on additional game content and user relationship. This means that everything has to work over several game updates and back-end updates over an extended period to recover the initial investments. Below are the hurdles :

  • Diversity Platform, OS and Device

  • Physical Characteristics

  • Wide Range of Networks

  • Game Performance & Security

With our knowledge repository built over 6+ years of game testing experience and on-demand services, we reduce the cost of Game QA by 50% for our customers.


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iXie’s Mobile Game Testing Capabilities

As mobile games offer greater conjunction, the mobile game testing scope should always include localized functional verification, user experience aspects, compliance, performance and compatibility with a wide range of game platforms.

With over 6+ years in testing games, our aim is to offer complete end-to-end services to game Developers and Publishers, and our large range of services reflects this.

  • We have full-time career testers who are passionate about games. iGTA – our game testing academy helps to coach graduates / young professionals / gamers to enter the industry. The industry veterans play a big role in nurturing and growing the team

  • Our Game Testing Lab is available 24 x 7 to test multi-platform games on the actual devices, be it PC, Console or Mobile

  • iXie provide advanced mobile game test analytics and reports

  • Our device inventory consists of 220+ mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows phone, Kindle and Fire TV

  • We provide mobile game compliance check such as – Games for Windows Live, Apple CRC and Android compliance

  • We offer readymade test tools and accelerators