Our testing rebellion starts with a game

Do you have it in you to break the unbreakable?

Game testers are rebels, committed to their craft, passionate, constantly trying to break the barriers to open up new realms of existence.

Unfortunately not all game worlds are born-ready for exploration. They need to undergo rigorous testing – in form, function and factor, so that gamers can create these new worlds for themselves.

And how do we do it? Venture into these worlds ourselves! As rebels, we take the heat so gamers can explore fearlessly – across time, across worlds and across machines.

We call this Game Testing. 

 What does it take to join the tribe?

Know how to

Know how to

Know how to

Is able to see

 Let’s hear it from our rebels!

Do you see yourself here?

Test Engineer (Mobile Game Testing)

Experience:1.5 – 3 Years

In this role you will…

Senior Test Engineer ( Mobile Game Testing)

Experience:3 – 5 Years

In this role you will…

Test Lead (Mobile Game Testing)

Experience:5 – 8 Years

In this role you will…

Else, we can get you started

We can get you started

Indium Game Testing Academy (iGTA)

iGTA is a 2 month program which provides state-of-the-art training for professionals and novices alike and helps in career progression in video game testing.

Trained by on gaming experts, with an appropriate blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, our rebels are put on mock projects helping them focus on crucial aspects of the game life cycle.