Game QA Services

The gaming industry is expected to generate $230 billion in revenue by 2022. The biggest concern faced by gaming studios is in finding the right Game QA partner for game functional testing needs. iXie is the preferred vendor for various game studios ranging from indie studios to game publishing giants.

We employ over 700+ professional gamers and QA testers working on a huge range of titles from casual to AAA, from pre-Alpha to game maintenance. iXie provides end-to-end game testing services with the help of the industry’s best practices. Our flexible game testing approach would ensure that our solutions are tailored to our client’s needs/requirements. Our testing approach is with the end user in focus.

Our Game QA Specialization

Over the past decade, we have leveraged our deep game QA expertise to cater to global gaming studios across a variety of platforms. Our Game QA Specializations include end-to-end functional game testing powered by industry best practices, expertise in ensuring compliance to standards, and independent playtesting feedback to ensure that a good game becomes a great one. We have a team of 700+ professional gamers with proven game testing expertise across PC, Console and Mobile gaming platforms.

Our Game QA Expertise

iXie provides game functionality testing solutions across platforms like PC, mobile, tablets, consoles, AR / VR and cloud gaming. Our flexibility in terms of testing approach and staffing requirements allows us to address diverse customer needs. We have vast experience with various game testing techniques and our comprehensive Game QA procedure makes sure that no bugs go missing.

550+ Mobile devices

iOS, Android & Kindle

Console devices (full HD and 4k resolution)

Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo SWITCH and Sony PlayStation


OS supported – Windows, Mac & Linux Support latest hardware of Intel and AMD variants

Gameplay Testing

Gameplay testing is a two-pronged affair. iXie ensures the progression flow of story arc or character development arc is in sync with the expected start & end visions of design. We also ensure that the game remains stable no matter what we throw at it!

Approach A

  • Progression testing
  • Side Quests / Mini-Game testing
  • Executing Test Cases
  • Awards and achievements
  • Game currency verification
  • Network checks

Approach B

  • Exploratory testing
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Interrupt testing
  • Destructive testing
  • Network disconnect tests

Value Delivered


  • Game Mechanics
  • Game Progression
  • Functional Intricacy
  • In App Design and Elements


  • Compliance Sweep
  • Platform Regulation Check
  • 100% Submission Pass
  • “Reaffirm and Ready” to Market


  • Custom Test Plans based on Game Onboarding stages
  • Engage right personality Game Testers and Dev Stack Software Testers
  • Knowledge and expertise from testing similar games and reference projects of similar Test Complexity
  • 360° Testing Perspectives: Game Stability, Performance, Design, Micro Interactions
  • Pilot Engagement

How iXie Helps

Our game functionality testing services ensure:

  • Superior game quality
  • Bug free games
  • Suggestions towards game design
  • Comprehensive end user experience
  • A testing process is in place

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