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Analytics in Gaming

Gaming Analytics is here to help in gaining a good understanding of how your users engage with your game and how the journey can be optimized to reach your goals. Some common goals studios aim for are higher ROI and sales, better gamer retention and providing premium user experience.

On one side it is critical to measure and analyse gamer behaviour, while on the other to track the success of the various marketing efforts.

In addition, Gaming Analytics can help companies redesign their games to improve UX-UI and make them more user-friendly, while players use it to gain proficiency in strategic games like Poker etc.

Role of Analytics

Gamer Acquistion

To acquire new gamers by developing new features

Optimize Performance

To optimize gameplay and performance during beta-launch


Drive in-app purchases through correct pricing, bundling and in-game salesmanship

Gamer Retention

Retention of gamers by dynamically adjusting the difficulty levels and efficient feature engineering


Big Data
Cloud Stack

Why iXie Gaming?

  • iXie Gaming, a division of Indium Software, has partnered with 50+ Game Studios for QA and Analytics.
  • Strong Gaming expertise having worked on 450+ titles across every genre and platform.
  • Data Science expertise with Big Data Analytics, AI and Visualization in the gaming space.

Customized Analytics Solutions by iXie Gaming

  • Gaming Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Casino Analytics
  • Other possibilities- like Sentiment Analytics and Game Fraud Discovery etc.

Gaming Business Analytics

By using Google analytics tools (free/paid), you can improve/ track acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization.

We can help companies reduce player churn by utilizing analytics to understand customer behaviour and uncover player motivations. We can analyse micro-segments that go beyond traditional demographics like age or geographic location to understand customer preferences such as favourite games, preferred levels of difficulty, or game genres.

1. Acquisition focuses on the numbers of new users and the methods of acquisition (e.g., medium, source, campaign, ad network).

2. Engagement measures user activity by event count, the amount of time users engage in game play, and the number of times users initiate game play (sessions).

  1. Player Analytics- We help game makers create more immersive and engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics. We can help you gain important insights into which markets bring you the most satisfied customers by collaborating your acquisition and retention data and enhancing lifetime value.
  2. Difficulty Curve management-real-time difficulty adjustment based on individual player performance.
  3. Product Analytics– We can give valuable insights on product experience in terms of how gamers engage with your product by measuring performance, selection, profitability analysis and value, and predicting future trends to plan game-development strategy.

3. Retention tracks how effectively you turn new users into returning users and what percentage of users keep coming back (e.g., from Day 1 to Days 7, 14, and 28).

4. Monetization is all about in-app-purchase revenue, buyers and transactions: how much money you’re making overall, how much you’re making per user and transaction etc.

Marketing Analytics

1. Campaign optimization: We can help you optimize campaign performance by measuring and testing the campaign, including messaging, ad layout, and calls to action. With cohort analysis, we can group your players in groups (cohorts) based on their shared traits to better track and understand their actions.

2. Resource allocation: Analytics can reveal how to optimize resource allocation such as ad spend. You can choose the channels which will need more investment and cut back on others. You can also better predict outcomes based on a variety of different variables and iterate accordingly. Additionally, analytics can help you reduce customer acquisition cost.

3. Attribution: We can help you determine which marketing tactics or touchpoints are contributing to sales or conversions. Through these insights, your marketing team can better customize campaigns to meet the specific desires of players, thus improving marketing ROI.

Casino analytics

We can help casino gaming companies identify and target their audience through Data analytics. This can assist in launching effective marketing campaigns by identifying customer preferences and needs, which marketers can then use to tailor their marketing message.

Also, online casinos can use our analytics reports to gather insights into user experience, interface intuitiveness, and click-through rates and redesign their website and UI elements to make them more appealing to their target audience.

Other Possibilities

Marketing mix Modelling, real Time In-Game Analytics, Game Fraud Discovery, Fanbase Identity Discovery, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modelling, CLV Models

Reference Architecture

Analytics Architecture
Analytics Architecture

Traditional vs Advanced Analytics

Traditional Analytics method uses the Google Analytics APIs to track the activities with minimal development effort while advanced method involves development of APIs within the game to allow customized tracking.

Traditional method of analytics might lead to storage issues as it provides only limited storage in the long run while advanced method of tracking offers flexibility to store the historical data and the high volumes of data that detailed tracking will generate.

We offer Advanced version of Analytics, which is more precise and customized according to customer requirements. Instead of using canned reports, we pick and slice the GA reports to show key KPIs, aligned with business goals.

Want to know more about Advanced Analytics?

We offer Advanced Analytics which is more precise and customized according to your requirements.

Tools used

We can help solve business problems and aid decision making through a host of solutions like Google Analytics, Data Discovery and Visualization. We use below tools to aid us derive insights from data and understand trends

  • Google Analytics
  • Domo
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Qlik
Tools Supported

Introduction to AI and ML

We demonstrated our data analytics capabilities and tools above, which essentially require human intervention. However, by using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can use certain algorithms and models to make games more immersive.

It is being used by game developers to create more realistic virtual worlds and exciting challenges.

Introduction to AI and ML

Machine learning and AI use cases in gaming

Here are some of the use cases in gaming, to name a few-

  • Realistic interactions: Implementing ML NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) could allow users to interact better with in-game characters and get real responses. It will be like talking to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.
  • Dynamic audio edits: Speech generation with ML can help patch changed audio to allow script changes. Eventually, AI voice could replace real-life actors, especially for secondary characters.
  • Assisted artwork generation: ML techniques can help optimise workflows of producing similar assets so that the artists can spend more time on the creative parts and less time on the mechanical parts.


ML use cases

If you want to discuss any specific AI-Ml Use Case, Plese reach out to us

With our AI and ML techniques, we can help you implement exciting new features that can enhance gameplay and engage players in a better way!

Our success relies on the following factors:

  • Tailored approached to each individual project
  • Embrace industry’s best practices
  • Expertise on QA solutions
  • Leadership team which gives consultation for FREE

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