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iXie Gaming is a division of Indium Software that is exclusive to Game Testing. Indium Software is ISO 27001:2013 certified, (Global best practice specification of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)). All divisions under Indium comply with the ISO certification.


Game Testing Company

We are iXie Gaming, a division of Indium Software. We are a video game testing studio and after working on several titles over the years, we have gotten rather good at it! We have extensive experience testing over 350+ titles across various genres. Our team is quite the star-studded team with few of our gamers hailing from industry giants and have worked on some of the most interesting titles to grace the gaming world. What do we bring to the table? – The best practices the industry has seen percolates into our testing approach. To brag a bit, we have been long-term QA partners to stalwarts of the gaming industry as well as start-up studios.


Indium Software has been in the exclusive QA testing space for nearly 2 decades. Indium offers a wide range of services to both enterprise and independent software vendor segments. Indium comprehends the nuances of the gaming industry in terms of resources skills, methodology & device testing lab. iXie Gaming was born in 2011, in order to support Indium’s strategic growth plan and to meet the increasing game testing enquiries. This spinoff vaults iXie Gaming to hone its focus on gaming and offer impeccable game testing services for game production studios. For the past 8 years, iXie has been leveraging Indium’s presence to reach out to customers globally.


Team Members

Ramesh Krish




Client Partner – Gaming



VP Gaming

Vinay Project Manager


Program Manager



Program Manager

Gears of Success

Gear 1 – Availability

Our Game Testing Lab is available 24 x 7 to test multi-platform games on the actual devices, be it PC, Console, AR/VR or Mobile.

Gear 2 – On-demand QA

With our knowledge repository built over 8 years, and on-demand services, we reduce the cost of Game QA by 50% for our customers.

Gear 3 – Evolution

As we grow as a division, we have been upgrading our skills to keep pace with cutting-edge mobile technologies, VR & AR features and immersive 4K gaming experiences and adapting the best practices over the years

Gear 4 – Enablers

Our inventory has a collection of 1000+ physical devices as opposed to emulators or simulators. This helps us identify issues unique to a particular platform which might be missed on device simulators.

Gear 5 – Collaboration

iXie is an accredited game QA vendor for all 3 console giants – Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo.

Gear 6 – Culture

We have full-time career testers who are passionate about games. iGTA – our game testing academy helps to coach graduates / young professionals / gamers to enter the industry. The industry veterans play a big role in nurturing and growing the team.


  • Thanks, iXie team! From what I hear from my internal team, they’ve enjoyed working with you and think you are doing a great job in game testing space

    QA Director - Leading Online Gaming Company
  • iXie Gaming proved to be a solid test partner on numerous games across various mobile and console platforms, and they have proven themselves to be a highly flexible and capable game testing organization

    QA Manager - Leading Gaming Company
  • Thanks all – the past year has been such a smooth operation – Well done! The team has been FANTASTIC! All the best going forward and let the follow-on games be super successful

    Game Designer and QA - Global Publisher of Video Games

We offer complete end-to-end services to Game Developers and Publishers, and our large range of services reflects this. Check out our services below: