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At iXie, our endeavour is to translate your game vision to a world-class experiential reality, with precision and uncompromising quality.

iXie provides end-to-end gaming services that take care of the entire game development lifecycle for you.

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Case Study: Arcade Racing Game

Embark on an exhilarating ride through the creation of an arcade racing sensation! In this case study, we unveil the dynamic process behind crafting an engaging game experience for both Android and iOS platforms. Download the case study now for an inside look at the development journey of this high-speed sensation!

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Multi-Platform Speciality

Our team of developers are experienced in cross-platform development and help create solutions for any game genre with maximum flexibility and efficiency. 

Multi-Platform Speciality

Our team of developers are experienced in cross-platform development and help create solutions for any game genre with maximum flexibility and efficiency. 

We support all the industry’s leading Game Development Engines

iXie has Unity game developers who are renowned for their knowledge and skills for creating the best gaming experience with the most creative solutions.

Why Unity? 

Game Development Solution – World’s leading real time 3D platform that helps create solutions for any game type 

Cross Platform – Supports running on PC and mobile platforms, game consoles, web (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, WebGL) 

Maximum Flexibility and Efficiency – Unity is reliable in building scalable systems, make fast iterations, have in-built analytics and have a large community of developers.

Graphics – Provides simple user interface and has a variety of excellent graphical features for selecting different types of lighting, textures and materials. Allows you to use both 2D & 3D modelling.

AR/VR Solutions – Most of the games that use AR/VR technology in the gaming industry use Unity as their preferred game engine.

Our game development team has years of experience when it comes to developing games on Unreal Engine. Due to its developer-friendly features, Unreal Engine enables the smooth integration of high poly count art assets with the best quality in rendering and lighting. By enabling game developers to translate ideas into visual content and streamline photorealistic rendering processes, Unreal Engine game development creates immersive experiences for the audience.

Advantages of using Unreal Engine

It is free: With Unreal, it is entirely free to develop and release a game. Only when the game reaches a certain milestone in terms of revenue does the developer have to pay a minimal royalty to Epic Games.

Rapid Prototyping: On paper, ideas appear good. But it is crucial to construct prototypes with a rapid turnaround time in order to comprehend how the game mechanics will perform in the game and guarantee that it is enjoyable for the gamers. Unreal makes this task simple and aids designers in quickly turning ideas into reality.

Multi-platform scalability and compatibility: Games with numerous assets and landscapes work well with Unreal Engine’s scaling capabilities. Modern rendering features in Unreal Engine make it the best at scaling games across many platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and HTML5 to name a few, in addition to handling larger games.

iXie offers extensive solutions for HTML5 games such as re-skin, game-improvement, animation and much more to give your audience unmatched gaming experience in the industry. Our HTML5 game developers use HTML5 and WebGL language to develop highly engaging and most attractive HTML5 web games. 

Gaming Services

We believe you can truly benefit from working with a reliable partner, who can help you give seamless gaming experience to gamers around the world, guaranteeing your game’s success. We provide a range of co-development services using our full spectrum of available resources, experience and creativity to deliver gaming projects on time, within budget and maintaining highest levels of quality. 

  • Game Conceptualization 
  • Level Design 
  • Concept Art 
  • Character Design and Animation 
  • Game Programming 
  • Localization 
  • Game Testing 
  • Live-Ops Features & Events 
  • Game Analytics 

At iXie, we support clients throughout the development process and help convert your artistic vision to reality, by creating fascinating and memorable experiences for the gamers. 

We can create games across genres for mobile, desktop and web. 

We understand developing games across multiple platforms can be expensive and lead to delays. 

We can port your gaming software to multiple platforms, allowing your development team to focus on your core competency – creating immersive experiences for your players. 

iXie can also help you update older games, allowing them run on latest platforms. 

Our team has the capabilities of providing a wide range of game art services for the most modern and advanced games: we have all the technique, skills and passionate artists to create memorable experiences for gamers across the globe. Experts create high-quality sketches using as many character and background details as possible, in accordance with client’s briefs to create finished game art. 

Our expert team will help you in every possible way to achieve your vision and ensure your game’s success. Our team can help you position your brand in the best possible way, by bringing our creative thinking and customization to the table. We’ll support you with a tailer-made GTM (Go-to-market) strategy to give perfect launchpad to your game, ensuring the noise it needs to create in a busy market. 

If you want to discuss any specific game development needs, please reach out to us!

With our team and best practices, we can help you implement exciting new features and UI that can enhance your gameplay and engage your players in a better way!

We work with evolving technologies and devices in the industry


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