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Development Services

Our mobile game development team have the experience of developing games from concept to launch and provide continued assistance in developing features and events as part of Live-Ops. Our team is experienced in developing games on Unity, Cocos2D-x, HTML5 and native iOS and Android.

We work closely with you to develop your vision into reality through our technical competence, structured hierarchy and project management capabilities.

Why Us?

  • Collaboration – We are a closely-knit unit that ideates, innovates and brings years of experience in mobile game development
  • Robust Developers – Our team consists of certified Unity developers who ensure you get the best output for your vision
  • QA Expertise – Our highly experienced in-house QA teams ensure all our games are thoroughly tested and are compatible across different mobile devices
  • Flexibility – While we offer fixed rates and resource-based rates, we are flexible with our costs. Our business development team works closely with the clients to find a solution that best suits your requirements
  • Skilled Talent – Our team of Producers, Programmers, Artists, Game Designers, Animators and Sound Engineers work proactively to deliver world-class games and have the experience in building cross-platform titles
  • Seamless Gameplay – Whether it is high poly 3D renders or casual 2D art, our team will help build you a world that doesn’t strain the player while playing your game for long hours while ensuring that every asset is of the best quality without hampering the gameplay experience
  • Transparency – is a key point in our ethos. In order to achieve an honest and open communication, all the stakeholders for a project will have access to our online dashboard and we are always available on Zoom/Meet/Teams to assist you with any queries
  • Agile Technique – We use Agile to develop our games. Our team has the experience to adapt to the client’s needs and together with our Product Managers, we create achievable Sprints and Milestones to give the stakeholders a clear picture on the timeline for a project

Mobile Game Development technologies we use

iXie has Unity game developers who are renowned for their knowledge and skills that helps create the best gaming experience with the most creative solutions.

Why Unity?

Game Development Solution – World’s leading real time 3D platform that helps create solutions for any game type

Cross Platform – Supports running on PC and mobile platforms, game consoles, web (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, WebGL)

Graphics – Provides Simple user interface and has a variety of excellent graphical features for selecting different types of lighting, textures and materials. Allows you to use both 2D & 3D modelling.

AR/VR Solutions – Most of the games that use AR/VR technology in the gaming industry uses Unity as their preferred game engine.

Maximum Flexibility and Efficiency – Unity is reliable in building scalable systems, make fast iterations, have in-built analytics and have a large community of developers.

Our dedicated HTML5 game development team comes with years of experience in using CocosJS, PlayCanvas, PixiJS, WebGL, etc. for developing games for browser, desktop and native mobile. Our development team ensures your game responds to various screen sizes and input options while keeping the focus on making a fun game.

Advantages of using HTML5

Cross-platform – With fewer platform-specific iterations, our developers can concentrate on the gameplay and how their game will react to different screen sizes and input modalities.

Rapid Development Time – HTML5 game development is incredibly quick. Once the game is published, you may push out the features, events, game balancing updates right away without having to wait for compilation, updates, and debugging to take place in real-time.

No Installations – HTML5 games have a wider audience because they can be played in browsers as well. The game can also be readily shared by users using a link. The game does not need to be downloaded.

Our developers can create high-performing games using Cocos2d’s robust suite entirely for free.

Advantages of using Cocos2D

Cross-platform – Most platforms are supported including Windows, iOS, Android, etc. When compared to other interactive game engines built on the GUI-game architecture, it is the fastest.

Low-End phone friendly – It functions on a variety of gadgets, including older Android handsets.

Easy documentation access – It is an open-source engine and developers can build games that take minimal installation space on their mobiles. Anyone may read the documentation and understand the tool because it is provided.

Our game development team has years of experience when it comes to developing games on Unreal Engine. Due to its developer-friendly features, Unreal Engine enables the smooth integration of high poly count art assets with the best quality in rendering and lighting. By enabling game developers to translate ideas into visual content and streamline photorealistic rendering processes, Unreal Engine game development creates immersive experiences for the audience.

Advantages of using Unreal Engine

It is free: With Unreal, it is entirely free to develop and release a game. Only when the game reaches a certain milestone in terms of revenue does the developer have to pay a minimal royalty to Epic Games.

Rapid Prototyping: On paper, ideas appear good. But it is crucial to construct prototypes with a rapid turnaround time in order to comprehend how the game mechanics will perform in the game and guarantee that it is enjoyable for the gamers. Unreal makes this task simple and aids designers in quickly turning ideas into reality.

Multi-platform scalability and compatibility: Games with numerous assets and landscapes work well with Unreal Engine’s scaling capabilities. Modern rendering features in Unreal Engine make it the best at scaling games across many platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and HTML5 to name a few, in addition to handling larger games.

Mobile Game Genres we develop

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