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The global PC gaming market value is projected to reach USD 42.4 billion by 2022.

The grandaddy of all things gaming, PC has been the biggest release platform for developers big and small. Right from the first game in 1952 created for personal leisure, to modern day epic odysseys, videogames have ‘Evolved’ from couple of dots running across a screen to magnum opus’ in 4K glory.

Some make it, some make it big. Others sink to the depths to be heard of never again. While some, end up at the “mostly negative” end of reviews even after making it big. Which essentially shows how volatile and critical the customer base is.

A robust game QA team and testing strategy is what any game requires. More so for PC as a platform because of the millions of hardware, software and driver variables involved. Not to forget end user expectations, satisfaction, and experience.

With a new generation of GPU and Processing hardware being released every couple of months, it has become more pertinent to test a game across wide spread of hardware and ensure compatibility. In addition, as always, functionality and design cohesiveness need to stand toe to toe to ensure a critical & financially successful title.


Indium’s robust game testing strategy has helped leading industry giants achieve good ROI.  We ensure customer delight through our On-Demand QA and tailor made solutions.

Our expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art hardware lab, covers every possible combination as low as GT210 cards to RTX and RX cards; supported by relevant processing paraphernalia.

Our lab also covers all possible OS fronts supported by multiple high-speed network systems.

In addition, our detailed documentation keeps you appraised of the slightest flicker in performance on day-to-day basis.

Our PC Game Testing Solution offers

Our success relies on the following factors:

  • Tailored approached to each individual project
  • Embrace industry’s best practices
  • Expertise on QA solutions
  • Leadership team which gives consultation for FREE

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As a leading Game Testing Service Provider, we maintain updated technologies and devices that have been evolving in the gaming industry.
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