The Rise and Dominance of PC Gaming

The Rise and Dominance of PC Gaming



We have often discussed in our podcasts the vital role of videogames in our routines in the last year as much of the world came to a grinding halt.  

But most of our discussions has revolved around hot news such as the release of next-gen consoles (PS5 and XBOX Series X), new game releases and VR tech. 

One platform that has perhaps not been touched enough is PC gaming.  

In this podcast, our gaming expert Ishaq Ali talks in detail about the rise and dominance of PC gaming.  

From the nostalgia of playing games on PCs back in the day to having the entire experience revolutionized by 3D graphics, support for user mods and networked multiplayer gameplay, we have indeed come a long way. 

And this podcast takes you on a journey from PC gaming in the 1900s to its refined, exhilarating version of today.  

Do listen in! 

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