Specialized Game Testing Services

There is immense scope and rising demand in games based on emerging technologies (AR VR, consoles games, online casino gaming, slot machines etc.). As a result, we are seeing an increased need for testing these games. Even in testing, the approach and solutions are continuously evolving to cater to our client needs as it’s implied that if the game is not engaging enough- it will not be successful enough!

The rise of online Casino Gaming

According to recent market research, the market size & revenue share of global online Casino Gaming industry is expected to grow from USD 755 Million in 2019 to USD 100 Billion by 2026, clocking an average of 10% annual CAGR during 2020-2026.

The top Casino Gaming companies included in recent reports with their sales, revenues and strategies are Bet365 Group Ltd., Betfred Ltd., 888 Holdings plc., Paddy Power Betfair plc, GVC Holdings plc, Fortuna Entertainment Group etc.

Rising demand for Game Localization

In 2018, the global gaming market was reportedly worth US$138 billion, with the game localization sub-sector of the market reportedly accounting for around 1% of this total value, or about US$1.38 billion. It is predicted that the growth of the gaming industry will continue to increase year-on-year, at around 10% CAGR, to reach a volume of US $200 billion by end of 2022.

Due to this phenomenal rise in video gaming industry and worldwide launch of most games, it’s only natural that they should be localized perfectly for regional target audience.

The Challenges in Casino Game QA

Like most industries, online Casino Gaming industry too has its set of challenges- apart from legal regulations and market saturation, one of biggest hurdles is shrinking of game development cycles.

Due to massive growth, companies need to invest a lot more in development, production, and marketing, hence the need for stringent and fast QA practices too. Since there’s a lot of money at stake, trust and fair play are inevitable for smooth functioning and success of any such venture.

The Challenges in Game Localization QA

This Game Localization QA industry presents its own set of unique challenges like language and style biases negatively affecting the user-experience.

There is certain level of complexity involved in translation, many times due to lack of expert linguists or lack of gamers, low creativity in translating, insufficient context due to culturalization, etc. There can be technical issues too like HTML code issues, source text and file issues, voiceover, integration, testing, etc.

Casino Game QA- why iXie Gaming?

Throughout the past decade we’ve seen a constant surge in the number of online casino players across the globe. The ever-increasing popularity indicates the constant need for every casino or slot game to go through well-planned and rigorous testing before the actual launch in the market. Our team has experience working on numerous games which include-

  • Casino Specialty games such as Scratch Card, Bingo, Keno
  • Slot
  • Table games including Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Rummy etc.
  • Instant Win games
  • Sports Betting/ Fantasy Sports

We make sure your product reaches first submission pass on all platforms. Our team follows best QA practices and real-world testing that enable our clients for long terms enhancements while improving user experience-

  • We ensure your online Casino business works around borders
  • We will thoroughly validate any new betting feature or enhancement
  • We can identify any transaction issues with specific payment methods
  • iXie Gaming will provide you with all the resources you need

Game Localization QA Services – why iXie Gaming?

At iXie Gaming, we collaborate and work with passionate gaming professionals who are experts at delivering an expansive range of QA offerings ensuring an immersive end user experience.We ensure that the final product is not just free from language-related defects, but it was specifically created for the regional target audience.

A localized product helps you introduce your product to locals, and subsequently create more business opportunities and scope for expansion.Our experts follow best QA practices by analyzing in-game texts to check grammar, spelling, syntax, and context. They also verify if the content might be sensitive in any way- culturally or politically.

We offer a range of proven game localization QA services that include games as well as software applications for Mobile, PC, Console, and Web.  Here’s 4 reasons why you should choose iXie Gaming’s Localization testing solutions to satisfy your locale gamers requirements-

  • Native-Language/Bilingual Translators
  • A Team of Passionate Gaming Professionals with a knack of localizing games
  • Timely execution
  • Competitive pricing

Harness the power of testing from experts at iXie. Our advanced test strategies and experience testing across all genres and titles helps in saving the game development costs for our clients.

We work with evolving technologies and devices in the industry


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