A solid game outsourcing partnership is reason enough to see your project as 50% complete. 

In a competitive game, players’ initial focus is on the visual component. Although it’s difficult to find a trustworthy game art outsourcing studio with a solid industry background and portfolio, I’ll show you 10 reliable art outsourcing companies in this blog. 

But before we get there, here are some pointers to assist you to choose the best outsourcing companies with a great team of talented artists. 

Tips on Finding the Perfect Art Outsourcing Company

Working with an established game art outsourcing firm with a solid track record alleviates any worry about deadlines or allocating internal resources. 

your partners will take care of everything. But how do you pick that partner?  

The three short methods listed below will help you locate an outsourcing studio that precisely suits your business identity: 

  • The first step is to investigate the sector and compile a list of prospective partnership opportunities. 
  • Secondly, look up profiles on independent data-driven websites. One such site is clutch. 
  • Finally, choose your top game art outsourcing firm and get in touch with it after doing a cost-benefit analysis. 

10 Best Art Outsourcing Companies You Can Count on 

Below are 10 reliable outsourcing studios that you’ll find extremely helpful: 

1. iXie  

iXie has a presence in India and the US with over a hundred employees. It specializes in game development.  

iXie is an Indian company that was founded in 2011 and is a division of Indium, a global digital engineering company. 

iXie initially focused solely on game QA and specialized QA but recently the studio broadened its area of expertise to include game localization, art production, and 3D services. 

Specialties: – 

Game Analytics, Game Testing, Console Games, Xbox, PlayStation, PC Games, Game QA, Game Testing Services, Localization Game QA, Game Development, Art Production, Localization, NFT Game Development, AR VR Games, Blockchain, Metaverse, Mobile Game Development, PC & Console Game Development, Unity Game Development, and HTML 5 Game Development 

2. Winking Corporation  

Viking Corporation has up to 400 employees and is situated in Shanghai. 

They provide comprehensive art outsourcing services, which include character/environment art, level design, in-game animations, 3D modeling, 2D concept art, and more. 

Notable gaming companies Viking Corporation has collaborated with are Ubisoft, Sega, and Nintendo. Also, this company has contributed to the making of iconic games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. 

Specialties: – 

Game Development, Motion Capture, Art Outsourcing, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, VR, Concept Art, and Co-Development 

3. 3D-Ace 

This Ukraine-based Company is reputable for its two consecutive wins in custom art production.  

It specializes in producing both 2D & 3D content and has up to 200 employees. Also, the company handles VR, animation, VFX, UI, and visualization.  

3D-Ace is well-grounded in executing the most difficult and intricate jobs. The firm continues to gain expertise to take on increasingly challenging projects with a solid and varied portfolio. 

Should you choose to go with 3D-Ace, it’ll open you to a world of fast and quality game art outsourcing services. 

Specialties: – 

3D Modeling, Physically Based Rendering, 3D Animation, 3D Design, Architectural Visualization, 3D Presentations, 3D Art, 2D Art, 3D Printing, 3D Multiplication, Interactive Walkthroughs, 3D Content, 2D Animation, NFT, and Metaverse 

4. Bosi Art Studio  

Bosi Art Studio has a presence in the US and China, having close to 500 employees. 

Bosi Art Studio originated in Shanghai but has its business center situated in San Francisco in the United States.  

With more than 5000 alumni to date, the company has two primary areas of focus: art training and outsourcing.  

Bosi Art Studio is known for its part in producing 3D models for popular games like Warcraft 3 and Fortnite. 

Specialties: – 

Tech and Art Outsourcing, Game Development, and Game Training 

5. Nuare Studio 

There are over a hundred specialists in this Canadian company and it specializes in concept and promo art amongst others. 

The firm, which is situated in Windsor, Canada, has been a leader in the video game industry since 2006 and is renowned for its proficiency in full art-style development and animation. 

Another specialty of Nuare Studio is 2D art, 3D high and low poly modeling, texturing, and VFX.  

Nuare Studio is known to have produced artwork for Gameloft and Capcom. Also, apart from its art outsourcing services, it offers cross-platform porting, AI, and web development.  

Specialties: – 

Concept Art, 3D Art, 3D Art, Illustration, Promo Art, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Mobile Games, Video Games, UI, and Social Networks 

6. Keywords Studio 

This company is a multinational firm that has spread its tentacles across over 20 countries in the world. 

Its establishment in 1998 makes Keywords Studio a bonafide old-timer in the gaming industry. 

The company specializes in game development services and art outsourcing, having several establishments and studios for delivering both services. 

It is with these studios that the company is known for handling 2D & 3D art concepts as well as 3D character and object models. 

In addition, Keywords Studio offers UI/UX design, visual effects, animation, and more. 


Art Services, Engineering, Audio Services, Functionality QA, Localization, Localization QA, and Player Support 

7. 1518 Studios 

Having worked on Spider-Man and Call of Duty, this company deserves to be on this list. 

This US-based studio is located in California and has up to 200 employees. It is known for its 2D & 3D content creation as well as visualization and animation. 

1518 Studios creates 3D art and develops games as well. The company specializes in cinematics, UI concepts, and logo design. 

If you’re a business looking to hire experts to handle your game art, 1518 Studios is an ideal choice. 

Specialties: – 

Outsource art, VR Full-cycle, AR, External art / engineering development, art, partner, co-dev, and esports 

8. Art Bully Productions  

This US company boasts over 10 years of experience in the outsourcing business. 

Also, the company earned its international recognition after having worked with large publishers. Notable among such are Valve and Epic Games.  

Apart from its 2D & 3D services in art and animation, this game outsourcing firm also specializes in character, weapon, and vehicle design. 

Art Bully Productions has contributed to making games like Rage 2 and Fortnite. 

Specialties: – 

Low Polygon Modeling, High Polygon Modeling, Textures: photo source or hand-painted, Digital Sculpting, Target Rendering, Rigging and Animation, and Concepts 

9. AAA Game Art Studio 

This Studio is a Cyprus and US-based Studio, having close to 200 employees. 

Some of its notable clients include Konami, Bandai Namco, and HarperCollins.  

AAA Game Art Studio is willing to take on all difficulties as long as they are connected to outsourcing game art.  

Apart from providing top-notch gaming assets for different genres, the studio also specializes in UI/UX, 2D, and 3D graphics, as well as animation. 

Specialties: – 

full art-style development, character creation, hidden object scenes, concept design, and arts, Illustrations, environments, sketches, animation, UI/UX, 2D art, 3D high and low poly modeling, texturing, and much more. 

10 . Bon Art Studio 

This company is another old-timer on this list, originating from Ireland while having its presence in other countries like Italy and Japan. 

Since Bon Art Studio was established in 1998, it is an established player in the game art outsourcing market.  

The organization particularly offers complete art and development solutions. 

The company can meet practically all your outsourcing needs, from 3D art and animation to cinematics. 

Specialties: – 

Art & Animation, Cinematics, Concepts, and Development


If you’re in this section, I firmly believe you’ve been equipped with enough information that’ll help you determine the 3D art outsourcing studios that best suit your brand and business model. 

Also, the above-listed companies have technical artists and other professionals on standby to assist you with anything you need to make your game genuinely superior to those of your competitors. 

Therefore, endeavor to reach out to these companies today and be well on your way to churning out amazing games your audience will love. 

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