It all started with a modest team of 15. Under the brand name of iXie Gaming, Indium Software’s venture into games QA services was a small yet notable move into the ever-expanding gaming industry. Fast forward a decade to 2022 and iXie has emerged as one of the leading players in providing excellent QA services for game studios and publishers around the world.

Today, iXie takes on a brand-new identity. After having made its mark in the industry with its expertise in game testing, the company now positions itself to offer end-to-end gaming services that cover multiple facets of game development.  This marks an important milestone for iXie in the gaming industry.

The exponential growth the company has seen over the years was made possible by a highly talented team that comprises of passionate gamers, right from a Test Associate to the Vice President of the division, who understand the fundamentals of games like the creators of the games themselves.

This mantra of hiring skilled gamers spanning across various genres of games, with a good mix of demographics within the 700+ member talent pool, alongside the utilization of cutting-edge technology and tools, has resulted in some great success stories across various clients for iXie.

Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry over the course of the last decade on over 500+ titles spanning multiple platforms like Mobile, PC, Consoles and VR, we are now poised to expand our services into other aspects of game development, with the same level of quality backed by our unmatched expertise.

With this new identity, iXie’s expanded suite of services now includes Game Development, Quality Assurance, Analytics, Game Localization, and Art Production. Driven by teams of experts brimming with passion for games, alongside the company’s dedication to adding value to its clients through a focus on innovation, reliability, and sustainability, we aim to be the go-to partner for game creators and publishers of all sizes across the world, for their end-to-end game development needs.

The core values that have driven us toward success remain as strong as ever and will be the driving force behind the list of satisfied clienteles that grows by the day. With the newly introduced services, our future of iXie with our partners looks brighter than ever. Creators can now enjoy a hands-on approach from iXie in multiple areas of their game’s development cycle, that goes beyond testing and feedback. This way we are set to bolster the list of games that iXie helps level up, in various new ways.

What started as a minuscule team entering a fascinating industry, has since grown into a leading QA service provider, and a trusted partner for various games studios and publishers around the world. Driven by a passionate team that loves games, and backed by cutting-edge technology, tools, and innovation, iXie has firmly established itself as a reliable service provider. We now have more services to offer than ever before. From a creator’s point of view, iXie is an all-in-one service provider that you have been waiting for.

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