Find your calling in the array of jobs that encompass the Game Lifecycle

Video games on various platforms like Gameboys, consoles, personal computers, and mobile phones being mere sources of entertainment are now officially a matter of the past. Today, in this day and age of gamification and fast developing technology-based education and growth, it prides itself of being the genesis of a thriving multi-million-dollar industry! 

Your love for gaming doesn’t have to be a hobby anymore, there are so many compelling ways of converting that passion into a viable career option. It’s a win-win; It’s not every day that you get to do what you love for a living!  

Like any other product, video games go through a lifecycle that starts with conceptualization and ends with purchases made by users of various demographic groups. There are opportunities that could interest you in every stage of this gaming lifecycle! 

If your interest lies in creating a world whose magic exists only in your head, the much-coveted position in today’s gaming market, Game Designer, is the right fit for you! You could also help make the game more interesting with lines for the character, riveting copy and memorable punch lines by becoming a Game Writer. Want to revolutionize the gaming world with your personal brand of colours, imagination and creativity? You could choose to become a 2D or 3D Game Artist. We all know someone who inhales and exhales codes and loves creating algorithms that just click! If they also enjoy contributing to the magical world of video games, then becoming a Game Developer seems like the most obvious choice!  

Every character in a video game has a life and spirit to itself, they have a USP that makes them stand out and capture gamers’ hearts. This has a lot to do with the character’s gait, stance, their actions and the way they carry out the gamer’s commands. Wondering who is behind the scenes of such defining characters? The one you’re looking for is a Game Animator! If all you want is to play games and come up with multiple ways in which you would want it to be better, then there’s no one more suited to be a Game Tester than you! As in every industry, there is always the need for a Support & Business Enablement Group to ensure the smooth flow of process. This could be your place if you a dream of a workspace that is charged with the electric vibes of an office that has gamers buzzing through the day! 

To summarise what we’ve learnt today, these are some gaming jobs that you can apply to: 

  1. Game Designer  

What you’ll do: Come up with the concept, storyline and course of the game. 

  1. Game Writer 

What you’ll do: Write lines for the characters, pop-ups and messages in the game 

  1. 2D/3D Game Artist 

What you’ll do: Create the characters, props and backgrounds of the game. 

  1. Game Developer 

What you’ll do: Create the algorithm and code for the game 

  1. Game Animator 

What you’ll do: Use the Game Artist’s output to create animations and graphics for the game. 

  1. Game Tester  

What you’ll do: Test the features of the game, identify glitches and bugs on various platforms like mobile phones, consoles and PCs. 

  1. Game Support Team 

What you’ll do: Oversee the overall well-being of employees, ensure a wonderful employee experience and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities 

“Make the switch to a world like none other, the Gaming Universe awaits your entry!” 

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