“The ability to adapt to changes will determine your success in life.”  – Benjamin Franklin 

The gaming industry is renowned for its dynamic nature, demanding a keen ability to adapt—a crucial quality for any project manager. Enter Sampath Kumar, Associate Project Manager at iXie, who possesses this adaptability in spades. 

Embarking on his journey as a test lead and ascending to the role of project manager, Sampath’s trajectory unfolds in this exclusive blog. Join us as we delve into his experiences and insights, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of game development. 

Games, Games and More Games! 

As a child of the 90s era, Sampath’s passion for gaming ignited with classics like Mario, Dave, Road Rash, and NFS—just like many of ours did. His journey evolved as he made the leap to PC and delved into the realm of multiplayer games. Upon entering college, Sampath discovered his gaming clan, bonding with friends over intense sessions of Counterstrike. The thrill escalated as he actively participated in tournaments and college fests, elevating his love for gaming to new heights. 

Game Testing, What’s That? 

It was a quirk of fate that brought Sampath into the gaming industry, arising from a routine interview for a call center position that unexpectedly unfolded into a unique opportunity. Much like many gamers of his time, Sampath was initially unaware of the existence of a role called a game tester. It was during the interlude while awaiting a call center interview that he first encountered the term “Game Tester.” Intrigued, Sampath swiftly opted to attend the game tester interview instead, requesting a week for preparation. The rest, as they say, is history.  

Entry into iXie 

Sampath, with four years of experience in the gaming industry and an additional four years as an entrepreneur, made a significant career shift when he joined iXie, the gaming division of Indium Software. Following his entrepreneurial venture, he recognized that this path was not aligning with his professional goals. Seeking opportunities in the industry, Sampath reached out to his network, and it was through one of these connections that he secured a position at iXie. 

“I like working at iXie. They are very open about the opportunities which they have here. Even though I re-joined the gaming industry after a 4-year break, they valued my opinion and if we are proactive and make contributions, we get recognized for it.” 

Life at iXie 

Over the course of five years at iXie, Sampath experienced notable career growth, progressing from a senior game tester to an Associate Project Manager. Throughout this period, he actively contributed to various captivating projects. One of the most challenging yet intriguing assignments was when he initially joined iXie and was assigned to the Center of Excellence (CoE) team. Tasked with testing a demanding PC game, Sampath described the project as exceptionally challenging, with the team working tirelessly, even overnight, to meet tight deadlines. 

Reflecting on the experience, Sampath acknowledged the project’s difficulty but also emphasized the enjoyable moments, highlighting the camaraderie among the team, making the challenging endeavor a memorable and rewarding one. 

The Future Path 

When queried about his future aspirations, Sampath, drawing from his entrepreneurial background, expressed a keen interest in transitioning into game production—an area that captivates his attention. He concluded by emphasizing the promising prospects of the gaming industry, highlighting the abundant opportunities available for individuals looking to venture into this dynamic field. 

“Technology has played a vital role in bringing gaming to where it is today, and I am sure that it will continue to do so. So, there are a lot of opportunities for gamers who are interested in joining this industry.” 

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