“Gaming is not a destination; it’s a journey driven by passion.”

This quote proves itself very true in the case of Saravanan R, Senior Test Lead at iXie. Their unwavering passion for gaming led them to iXie, and it continues to propel them forward in the fiercely competitive gaming industry. Join us as we embark on a journey through Saravanan’s remarkable career in the gaming industry. 

Saravanan’s gaming odyssey began in his childhood, just like many gamers, as he immersed himself in brick games and console titles. However, what sets him apart from others is his unwavering commitment to a gaming career right from the onset. In his own words “My passion for games led me to pursue my first job as a video game tester. I instantly fell in love with it and knew it was the right career for me. 

Entry into iXie 

Saravanan came to iXie with nearly 3 years of experience in game testing prior to which he has worked in a variety of companies. In his prior roles at other companies, his primary focus was on testing console games. However, since joining iXie, he has had the chance to broaden his experience by testing games on various platforms, including PC, mobile, consoles, and more. He’s also had the opportunity to engage in web testing. He states that iXie has been instrumental in expanding his skill set and advancing his career.   

Life at iXie 

On joining iXie one of the first projects he was involved with was a Crane Simulation Game. “It was a fascinating project. We were tasked with testing the simulation created by a game development company boasting a 3000-strong workforce. This company utilized the simulation for employee training, and our role was to ensure its functionality met their standards.” 

One being asked if there were any tools or techniques, he used to complete the project this is what he had to say “In our testing process, we don’t rely on specific tools, as the choice often depends on the device we’re testing. However, our mindset and approach during the testing phase are key techniques. Our way of thinking while testing games plays a pivotal role in our work. 

His advice to game testers tasked with continuous 8-hour gameplay sessions, is to break down the tasks into smaller, manageable segments and take regular breaks. This approach will make the workload more manageable and keep them focused.   

Future Plans 

Going forward Saravanan plans to learn a whole lot more about testing, gaming and much more to better advance his career. He has a genuine passion for VR technology despite its challenging nature. He finds it an incredibly intriguing field as it offers the chance to explore entirely new and diverse virtual worlds.   

His parting words to aspiring game testers who aim to join this competitive industry are as follows “My advice would be to find a company like iXie that offers excellent growth opportunities and a clear path to advancement. iXie’s Game Training Academy provides free training for anyone interested, making it the ideal destination for aspiring gamers pursuing a career in the gaming industry. 

He hopes that future game testers will make use of the opportunities around them as getting the job or not getting the job all depends on being at the right place, at the right time, with the right skills. 

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