In the world of gaming, automation tools have become increasingly popular among players who seek to optimize their gaming experience. One such tool that has gained significant attention is POCO Driver. POCO Driver is a game automation tool that allows players to automate repetitive tasks, streamline gameplay, and enhance their overall gaming efficiency. In this blog post, we will delve into the features, benefits, and potential impact of POCO Driver on the gaming community.

What is POCO Driver?

POCO Driver is a powerful game automation tool developed by POCO Studio. It offers a wide range of features designed to simplify and enhance gaming experiences across various genres and platforms. The tool is compatible with popular games on Windows, Mac, and even mobile devices, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of gamers.

Leveraging PocoDriver for Game Test Automation:

PocoDriver is an open-source cross-engine UI automation framework which supports Unity, Unreal, cocos2dx-, Android native APP, iOS native APP, and other game engines SDK.

PocoDriver streamlines the process of interacting with the game’s user interface, performing actions, and validating desired behaviors of Games and Apps.

Features and Capabilities:

Macro Recording and Playback: POCO Driver enables users to record and play back complex sequences of actions, such as keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks. This feature allows players to automate repetitive tasks, such as grinding or farming, saving them valuable time and effort.

Scripting and Customization: POCO Driver provides a scripting interface that allows advanced users to create customized scripts to automate specific tasks or actions within games. With this feature, players have the freedom to tailor their automation to their unique gaming needs.

Multi-Window and Multi-Instance Support: POCO Driver supports multiple windows and instances, enabling players to automate actions across multiple games simultaneously. This functionality is particularly useful for gamers who engage in multi-boxing or managing multiple characters/accounts within a game.

Image and Pixel Recognition: POCO Driver includes a powerful image and pixel recognition feature, which enables the tool to identify specific on-screen elements and react accordingly. This capability is crucial for automating tasks that rely on visual cues, such as looting items, navigating menus, or interacting with NPCs.

Benefits of POCO Driver:

Time Efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks, POCO Driver frees up valuable time for players. Instead of spending hours on monotonous activities, gamers can focus on more enjoyable and strategic aspects of the game, such as quests, exploration, or player versus player (PvP) encounters.

Resource Optimization: POCO Driver helps optimize resource management by automating tasks like farming for in-game currency or materials. Players can set up the tool to efficiently gather resources while they are away from the game, maximizing their overall productivity.

Accessibility: POCO Driver’s compatibility with a wide range of games and platforms makes it accessible to gamers across different communities. Whether you’re playing on a PC, Mac, or mobile device, POCO Driver offers a unified solution for automation needs, leveling the playing field for players across platforms.

Customizability and Adaptability: With its scripting capabilities, POCO Driver empowers users to customize and adapt their automation strategies to suit their specific gaming requirements. This flexibility allows players to fine-tune their automation workflows to achieve optimal results.

The Ethical Considerations:

While automation tools like POCO Driver offer significant benefits, it’s important to consider the ethical implications. Game developers often have terms of service and acceptable use policies that prohibit or restrict the use of automation tools. It is crucial for players to familiarize themselves with the rules and guidelines set by game developers and use automation tools responsibly and within the bounds of the game’s terms of service.

Poco Integration with Unity Games:

The tool PocoSDK supports testing the games developed using Unity3D versions 4 and above and supports NGUI and UGUI.

Steps to Integrate Poco-SDK with Unity game package:

1. Clone or download the source code from the poco-sdk repo –

2. Remove the folders below from the downloaded poco-sdk source code folder ‘Unity3D’.

a) If NGUI is used in the unity game package, delete the directory ‘Unity3D/ugui’ from the Unity3D Folder.

b) If UGUI is used, delete the directory ‘Unity3D/ngui’.

c) Also, delete the folders such as uguiWithTMPro, fairygui from the Unity3D Folder if not needed.

3. After removing the unwanted folders as mentioned above, place the Unity3D folder in the game project script directory.

4. Create a GameObject component named ‘POCODRIVER’ in the start scene of the Unity game. And add the script file Unity3D/PocoManager.cs into POCODRIVER component.

Tools for writing test scripts using POCO:

  • Once PocoDriver is integrated successfully, we can convert the code in to required builds such as WebGL, Android (.apk), IOS (.ipa), Windows (.exe) etc.
  • Tester can install the required build in their devices (Real/Emulator/Cloud) and start automating game testing without source code of the game!
  • We should connect our Android phone, for example, via USB cable and enable the ADB DEBUG MODE
  • We can use our AirtestIDE (an IDE for writing test scripts) or standalone PocoHierarchyViewer (to view the hierarchy and attributes only but lightweight) to retrieve the UI hierarchy of game.
  • We can Interact with Game Objects with inspecting tool available in the IDE called Poco inspector  and, we can perform automatic script generation while playing with help of Poco Auto Recording

Sample Game and Script


POCO Driver has emerged as a game automation tool that revolutionizes the way players approach gaming. Its ability to automate repetitive tasks, optimize resource management, and provide customization options has attracted the attention of gamers seeking to enhance their gaming.

POCO Driver offers numerous benefits in terms of time efficiency, resource optimization, accessibility, and customizability. However, players must approach the use of automation tools responsibly, considering the ethical considerations surrounding fairness, compliance with game developer policies, potential risks, and the impact on the social dynamics of the gaming community. By using automation tools responsibly and within the bounds of the game’s terms of service, players can maximize the benefits of POCO Driver while ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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