Punch your way into the Gaming Industry with a strategy that works exclusively for you!

Let’s begin with what it means to market yourself for a job. It essentially implies how you present yourself and interact with a job opportunity. It could be as elemental as something you convey through your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or job application. Don’t let the technicalities throw you off, the way to go about marketing yourself for a job in the gaming industry is not just doable and simple, but interesting and fruitful. It provides you an insight into the world of gaming, while also honing your ability to think wide and communicate effectively!

Here are some proven techniques that can help add a strong sense of value to your professional brand.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short, persuasive and articulately worded sales pitch for a product or service. It derives its name from the duration of an elevator ride, making it short and worthy of attention. For a job seeker, the best place to pitch yourself would be your Career Objective statement on your resume or Headline on job or career portals such as LinkedIn and Naukri. When you’re eyeing for a job in the gaming industry, you must ensure your strong one-liners aptly convey your passion for gaming and relevant skills / experience. A gaming punch could always help your case, there’s nothing gamers love more than a gaming pun! Follow the 3C mantra: Be Concise, Crisp and Clear!

Skill Building

The gaming industry offers a massive gamut of opportunities in various fields. Depending on where your interest lies, upskill and reskill yourself. The sharpest arrow in your quiver would be your willingness to keep learning and growing! Some professional skills that could turn the game in your favour are Animation, Creative Writing, Programming, JIRA, Charles Proxy, Git and Game Designing software like Nuclino, GameMaker Studio 2 and so on.

Personal Branding

Taking ownership of how you are perceived is the bottom line of personal branding. Accentuate your brand by showcasing your experience in and inclination towards community service and acts of kindness like blood donation and volunteering. Ensure the content you offer in resumes and job portals, or even in interviews or job applications is original, dosed with gaming references, caters to the job description, while also being personalized and creative.


Another cheat code to get into the gaming industry is to know and interact with the right people. Research big names and pioneers of the industry. It is a developing industry and would not be hard to identify the niche builders of the industry in your country! Follow them, learn from them, keep track of trends, and shoot your shot with all these tricks up your sleeve!

Set yourself up for triumph with these simple, yet efficient moves. Always remember to be your true self and never step back from challenges. Your dream gamer job is just one click away!

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