Ad-hoc & Destructive Testing Services

Most games aim for a global launch to reach millions of players. This results in a combination of various type of users and user paths to be considered while testing. It is a challenge to simulate them during the development phase.

Ad-hoc testing helps in mitigating this challenge to a major extent identifying those hidden bugs and unusual user paths in the game to be tested.

Ad hoc testing is performed without any documentation, planning or process and the main aim of the tester is to break the game by performing thousands of edge case scenarios. This helps us identify hidden bugs, which are not found during conventional functional testing. The main aim of Ad hoc / exploratory / Destructive testing is to break the game.

At iXie Gaming, we recommend multiple ad-hoc test sessions scheduled at every stage of the development cycle so as to uncover the areas of game which are untouched through structured testing to ensure that the game is relatively bug free. With a team that is a mix of all age groups, gamers, software testers, and different personalities helps us simulate a sample audience group.

Performing ad-hoc / Exploratory testing at the beginning of the engagement helps the team better understand the game, game design, and game physics. This leads to better test planning and test scenarios to cover all the areas of a game. 

Did you know ad-hoc testing can be executed simultaneously with other testing types?

iXie’s game testers have sound knowledge on the products and tools which help identify more bugs in less time.

Our inventory covers

PC Game Testing

Our expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art hardware lab, covers every possible combination as low as GT210 cards to RTX and RX cards.

Mobile Game Testing

In the Mobile Gaming space, we have expertise on all platforms and testing titles across all genres enables us to cater to all types of requirements.

Console Game Testing

With a cumulative experience of 200+ years spread across our leads, we have worked on all console generations over the past 2 decades.

AR / VR Game Testing

At iXie Gaming, we have the inventory to cover all forms of testing on AR/VR, be it Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for the PC platform, or PSVR for the PlayStation platform.

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