Video game DLCs are essentially additional content that can be purchased online so as to add more to a video game to enhance its features. DLCs are not always just skins or character models that do little to change how the game is played. It can come in the form of full expansions that add a whole new playable section of the map that adds both new game mechanics and story elements.

DLCs are usually distributed through the internet by the game’s publisher. It is sometimes for no cost at all or can be used as a form of monetizing on existing games. This is done in order to gain further revenue after a game title has been published- often termed as microtransactions.

It can be challenging for game testers to construct gaming analytics across newer portions of games as they may get developed only after the base game is released. These services are used to understand active player patterns and improve the overall quality and build of the product to maximise the marketing efforts and game retention.

Providing a premium experience is the goal for any triple-A title, wherein the game needs to be thoroughly tested with both its base and DLC content as they release so it can be ensured to be an optimal experience for the end-user.

Here are some our top picks for the most detailed DLCs in games, where the DLCs provided a world for players to get lost in:

No. 5: Kingdom: New Lands & Two Crowns

The New Lands DLC quite literally introduces newer pastures to explore as there is an abundance of content that is accessible with new merchants, characters, mounts and bandits that hail from these lands. There are also newer locations to discover as the obstacles only get more mysterious. The Two Crowns DLC put across the all new cooperative play option that was unavailable to players previously. This lets players choose between a solo adventure or play alongside a friend online or locally- letting them assist your king or queen on their journey to find new lands.

No 4: Mario Kart 8: The Egg & Triforce Cup

Mario Kart is known for its quirky characters and tracks that leave a distinct memory for players to cherish. Along with classic tracks such as the Rainbow Road there were 8 new tracks that were introduced. Taking inspiration from Super Smash Bros. the new DLC is set to step out of the mushroom kingdom alone and introduce characters and maps from other titles such Excitebike and F-Zero. Wave 2 is set to release in August 2022 wherein 8 more tracks are to be introduced following which an enormous number of 40 more tracks are to be accessible through 4 more waves to be slated for the foreseeable future.

Let’s go through the 6 Games that have aged like fine wine

No 3: Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Witcher 3 is known to have one of the biggest and sprawling maps in gaming history with a very nuanced story. There are many characters and tropes that are picked up throughout the plotline and the DLC Blood and Wine added an entirely new area for players to explore for the first time ever. This expansion featured all new characters, dangerous new monsters & new weapons. Toussaint, the land of wine holds over 32 hours of new journeys and adventures which are very different from what one experiences in Wild Hunt or Hearts of Stone.

Along with surreal monsters coming to life, the player is allowed to also enter a grand tournament to fight knights. This is complimented by being able to dye the armour in different colours using new gear and abilities to live the high fantasy dream life one wishes to lead.

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No 2: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has had several downloadable expansions that have released in the last few years that are put out almost on an annual basis. Bungie informs its fanbase that they have began production work on the DLC even before the initial release of the game in 2017. This has made it possible to introduce new lands, players, gameplay mechanics and items that can be told with enough forethought in the context of the story and settings. The base game is free to play to all players- but if one wants to experience the story like the developers intended them to, the expansions are a must.

The first year brought to the fore the Curse of Osiris and Warmind- and successively, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light & The Witch Queen have released in the last few years. Forsaken introduced a major rehaul in gameplay that was under heavy scrutiny by players. Shadowkeep takes place on the Moon, Beyond Light on a moon of Jupiter and the Witch Queen on her own planet. Destiny tells stories across the galaxy and is looking to conclude the sage with the next two releases- Lightfall & The Final Shape tentatively slated to release Fall 2022 & 2023 respectively.

No 1: Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

This run-and-gun video game developed by Studio MDHR follows the titular Cuphead. He is on a mission to follow up on a game he lost at the Devil’s casino and is given the responsibility of repossessing the souls of other debtors who have fled the Devil’s grasp. The surrealist quality of the game comes across in the old-school gameplay mechanics and the aesthetics that are used. The game revolves around a line of continuous boss fights with run-and-gun levels sprinkled across the story.

The Delicious Last Course released on the 30th of June 2022 as an expansion pack. It included Ms. Chalice as a whole new playable character besides Cuphead with new move sets and abilities. There is a level of replay value that is introduced as Ms. Chalice can be used in the base game after unlocking the character. New parts of the Inkwell Isle were opened up for the player to discover newer weapons & charms to complete the Legendary Chalice’s secret quest.

Many other DLCs open up a whole new world for the player to get lost into. Drop down in the comments which games you think did the best in terms of adding content post release!

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