Play-Test Services

We realize that gameplaytesting one of the crucial aspects of video game testing which helps the designers understand user perspective. Predicting gameplay experience from player’s point of view is never really possible during development phase. Gameplay experience plays a huge role in player retention, and this is where playtesting comes in handy.

At iXie Gaming, we have a dedicated team, who can analyze the difficulty modes, storyline, game immersiveness, playtime to complete each game level, level tuning, and game balancing and thus help determine weak points in the game to improve gameplay experience.

Our team comprises of a blend of hardcore and casual gamers who understand the nuances of a game from any genre who are pioneers in providing gameplay testing. This helps us provide effective and meaningful feedback on multiple aspects of the game from an end user perspective.

Are there issues between your expectation’s and players actual experiences?

With iXie’s decade long experience working with leading clients, you can be assured to eliminate flaws in user experience and improve monetization.

We provide customized feedback/analytics based on our clients’ requirements through our video game playtest services such as:

  • Difference in unit / points in the same level through multiple play sessions
  • Win – loss ratios obtained through multiple play sessions
  • Recording of play times in different difficulty settings from different users
  • Identify and report bugs in each level
  • Comparative analysis between the games we test vs the closest competitor
  • Testing for irregularities between different platforms (Eg – Android vs iOS)

We work with evolving technologies and devices in the industry

PC Game Testing

Our expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art hardware lab, covers every possible combination as low as GT210 cards to RTX & RX cards.

Mobile Game Testing

In the mobile gaming space, we have expertise on all platforms & testing titles across all genres enables us to cater to all types of requirements.

Console Game Testing

with a cumlative experience of 200+ years spread across our leads, we have worked on all console generation over the past 2 decades.

AR/VR Game Testing

At iXie Gaming, we have the inventory to cover all forms of testing on AR/VR, be it Oculus Rift & HTC Vive for the PC platform, or PSVR for the playstation platform.

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