Sounds interesting!! Huh? It’s very necessary to do game testing just like software testing. There is no pre-defined strategy, as each game for game testing and the platforms used differ. On performing game testing, aspects of the game including functionality, multiplayer functionality, user acceptance, compatibility, regression, endurance, performance and localization need to be tested. The basics of game testing are similar to that of software testing

Game Testing steps

Collecting Information

The game testers need to understand the detailed gaming requirements such as story headlines, structure of the game, features of the game, characters, concepts, rules, game points, levels and so on.

Strategy for game testing

Strategy must include testing cycles, types of testing to be performed, testing for risks, defect life cycle, reporting process, what needs to be tested, what’s not tested, risks and mitigation, service level agreements etc. and after that it’s important to test hardware components such as consoles, Wi-Fi, joysticks etc.

Game Test Cases Creation

Both positive and negative test cases must be designed. Some effective testing methods that can be adopted to design the test cases – Critical path testing, Exception path testing, Boundary value analysis, Equivalence partitioning

Game Test Cases Execution

This helps to identify more defects in a particular gaming environment and hardware configuration. Also, performing the alpha and beta testing and the testing of the game for specific age groups helps to enhance the game’s quality. Another type of testing that mustn’t be ignored when it comes to games is content testing. This helps to ensure that the content of the game is right for the viewers and is understandable.

Test Results

The consequences of the game testing performed must be listed. This helps the testers to understand the behaviour of errors being made and improve upon them.

Defects Categorized

All the defects that have been identified must be listed and categorized based on priority. This helps the developers to easily rework the errors.After game testing is performed and the changes have been made, the game is then sent to the client for feedback. It is then further improved upon based on the feedback before it is released in the market for the audience to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.


While game testing job may sound like a dream come true, it is not easy as it sounds. As a game tester, you will be spending hours in front of television and consoles playing the game. This process could become tiresome without proper plan and might lead you hate your job. Following these simple steps will not only ease your job but will also keep your passion intact towards gaming.

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