The Game is all about having the fun by collecting Pokémon. This game works with the mobile GPS and augmented reality. A few years back Pokémon was the most entertaining cartoon show for the kids. Now we must thank Nintendo for providing the same cartoon show in the form of a mobile game. Pokemon go is available for iOS and Android. In India, the game launched recently but it has mixed opinions on the game where you travel around your real life, neighborhood and beyond to complete the Pokédex.

For many Pokemon fans, the dream came true.

Traveling around, capturing your Pokémon from, and visiting, a number of Poke stops is an amazing concept to experience. For every Pokémon you catch, you get “Candies” credited to its first stage of evolution, along with 100 Stardust Points, and experience for you, the trainer.

You get 600 points for newly caught Pokémon. The higher your level is, the stronger the Pokémon you’ll encounter. The Pokemon can also be lowered with Combat Power (CP) to the Professor to get one candy per Pokémon.

The Stardust and Candies can be used to power up the Pokémon. The best part is that the game has built-in achievements.

If you catch 50 Flying-type Pokémon then you get a medal.
Do these medals serve a purpose? No!
Then what is the point of giving us these medals without giving us some incentive to complete these wild Pokémon AI?

This is without a doubt the worst part of the game. Pokémon can break out of Poke balls, and run away. The problem lies within the frequency of times both of these things can happen. One can go through six or more Poke balls on one wild Pokémon. Then only for it to run away, which is pretty much disappointing the player. The game has raspberries that a gamer can give to the Pokémon. Giving raspberries can prevent the Pokémon from running away. However, sometimes even if you give raspberry to the Pokémon, it might still run away after a Poke ball.

This game had very high expectations. It became a game changer for both mobile and AR market. One of the major issues while playing this game is that the battery drains out quickly. This might annoy the gamer who is playing the game seriously. This is one of the reason, why users started uninstalling the game.

One another issue with this game is the gameplay becomes unresponsive after dodging an attack during a ‘Gym battle’. The development team is still working to fix this issue.

Since this game downloads the images each time you open the mobile application, it consumes much more data. The new update takes time for loading graphics.

There are some issues regarding this game because some Pokémon’s may locate in hills and top of the buildings these caused many people accidents and struck in trouble. People started playing while walking or while driving to catch the Pokémon. People are also walking into strangers’ yards, which could easily lead to confrontations. While it is often a bit hilarious to hear some of these Pokémon gameplay stories but sometimes it is also a bit disconcerting.

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Conclusion is that the concept of the game is good and many have been playing since release. These are the biggest issues and concerns with Pokémon GO so far.

Ultimately, I think Pokémon GO is a cool game in many ways. The game is really a big deal for Nintendo. Certainly, it appears to be a success already.

Just remember, do not play the game while driving, and do not be a creeper.

Feel free to share yours in the comments, or tell how I am wrong

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