If you ever owned a console before the original PlayStation hit the market, chances are it came with a zapper or a “gun” as we called it back then. We aim it at the old CRT TVs of the time and then shoot for the magic to happen on screen. If so, you may also be familiar with a certain game called “Duck Hunt”. The premise of Duck Hunt is simple. You are a hunter hunting ducks, who takes his dog along for the hunt. Duck Hunt was utterly fascinating to me as a kid, not only because my physical act of pulling the trigger in the real world was hitting the digital duck on TV, but also because this was the first game that made me feel a range of emotions towards a character. That character is none other than the dog we take along for the ride. He spent little time picking up the birds we hunted, and more time mocking us every time we miss. God knows how many times I tried shooting the dog in a fit of rage. And for that alone, the dog who does not have name remains an icon to this day. We have our Marios and Master Chiefs that can spark a conversation but bring up the dog in a group of people who played Duck Hunt and you have emotions on display. Videogames have no shortage of such iconic characters. While no one will want to see that annoying canine in a game once again, there are a few characters who have looked super cool at what they do and have been away from action for a bit too long. So long that you’d wish they make a comeback. Here are five such characters.

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

The character that made Assassin’s creed the juggernaut of a series it is today, Ezio is no doubt one of the most iconic characters in video games. His story spanned across three mainline Assassin’s creed games and is still referenced in modern day iterations. Many games both in and outside of the Assassin’s Creed franchise have since tried to imitate his charm and charisma to varying results. Starting off as a happy go lucky young nobleman looking for trouble to then evolve into a Master

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Assassin with a wealth of wisdom and wit, Ezio’s Journey has been one of the most entertaining ones in modern videogames. It has been over a decade since Assassin’s creed brotherhood and other than the one guest appearance in Soul Calibur, we have not been able to play as the iconic character in a meaningful way for quite some time now (No, the remasters don’t count). The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been going through a bit of a journey off late dabbling with the ideas of mythology and fantasy. Bringing back Ezio is within the realm of possibility in its current path, and if that happens Assassin’s Creed will have a new lease of life no doubt. Ubisoft, are you listening?

Jak and Daxter

The dynamic duo that was once considered mascots of the PlayStation brand have been devoid of an original game for two whole console generations, and now the third running. Now, somewhat a relic of its time, in the best way possible, Jak and Daxter laid the foundation for blockbusters like Uncharted and The Last of Us which developers Naughty Dog would later go on to create. There are few things that give an instant hit of Nostalgia and take us back to a certain time and space. For many, Jak and Daxter series does that by taking them firmly to their childhood with the DualShock 2 in their hands. Although the visuals have aged now, the era defining third person gameplay is just as much fun to play today as it was back then and the stories within the series just as enjoyable. Rachet and Clank which is an equally great franchise has seen iterations throughout the PS3, PS4 and now the PS5. It is about time that these two get their much-needed comeback. I mean there are rumours flying about a Sly cooper game in the works. Then why not Jak and Daxter?

Duke Nukem

Okay, hear me out. We all know how Duke Nukem Forever crashed and burnt when it finally released after a 15-year development cycle. But hey, this was a game that was in development hell for 15 long years, before Gearbox picked up the IP and completed the game. Gearbox were committed to giving gamers the same game that was promised 15 years ago then, way back in 1996. And as such the game belonged in 1996. The technical shortcomings aside, Duke’s humour was seen as out of touch and rude rather than harmless raunchy comedy. All that said, there is no denying the legend that was Duke Nukem before Duke Nukem Forever. An absolute icon and a product of its time. So, what we need now is a rebirth of that icon. With the sensibilities of the modern world, without losing his charm and borderline parody levels of masculinity. And it is possible. I mean we have seen a one-dimensional God killing murder machine in Kratos transform into one of the most acclaimed and nuanced characters in recent memory with the 2018 reboot of God of War. It’s time Duke Nukem gets an overhaul, while still in some ways remaining the Duke we knew, for the modern audience.

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Cole MacGrath

Infamous and Infamous 2 were stellar games in the PS3 era and arguably couple of the best games the console has to offer. Protagonist Cole MacGrath although a fresh face in a new IP, soon connected with players as he was an everyday man who unexpectedly gets superpowers and faces the dilemma of how to use those powers. This dilemma is also that of the player thanks to the game’s Karma system which lets the player choose either good or evil actions and the game reacts to their actions in meaningful ways. While the origin story may sound like an early draft of Spider-man, the similarities end there. This is a grittier and more grounded take on the superhero concept and both games nail that feeling perfectly. The version of Cole MacGrath at the end of each game was a reflection of the player’s actions and that made him a far more relatable hero to the player than any superhero in a video game. Although Infamous: Second Son on the PS4 looks and plays better, the protagonist Delsin is nowhere close to what Cole MacGrath was in the two original games. Cole has since appeared in PlayStation All Star Battle Royale and as a guest character in Street Fighter X Tekken. But it is about time we get to play as Cole one more time in a full open world game. Perhaps a Cole from a different dimension? Hey, a man can dream!

Gon (Tekken 3)

Perhaps one of the most oddball characters in the Tekken Series (which is saying a lot) Gon is the one hit wonder from your childhood that carries very special memories. Originally a character born out of a Manga series Gon has only appeared in one game that saw a global release, that being Tekken 3. He has had 2 other games, one on the SNES and the other on the Nintendo 3DS, both of which did not release out of Japan. Gon is unique in many ways. The yellow dinosaur, that is the last of his kind to exist on earth, stood shoulder to shoulder with other characters in the acclaimed fighting game series. Unlocked by either beating the arcade mode 11 times using 11 different characters or by unlocking Tekken Ball mode Gon was a character with a unique move set that was in line with his stature. Those miniature hands with boxing gloves and those huge eyes staring right into the opponent’s soul, the ability to spit fire and the menacing tummy gas that knocks the opponent off their feet are all moves that make Gon not only a fun character to play but also to spectate. Dr. Bosconovitch may have stolen the show in Tekken 3 (at least for me he did) but he has since made an appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and that kind of made him a not so unique character anymore. Gon on the other hand is perhaps one of the most requested characters in Tekken, but copyright complications mean that he is almost certainly not going to appear in future instalments. But such an iconic character from one of the best games of the original PlayStation era deserves a comeback is some way or form. But who knows? Harada-San has brought Negan from The Walking Dead to Tekken 7. He may just be able to surprise his fans. Again, a man can dream. Right?

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