With the release of PlayStation 5, Sony is closing out arguably its most successful console generation yet in the form of the PlayStation 4. Poised as a product that will be spoken about for years to come, PS4 had some of the best games from a Sony made console yet.

Boasting 110 million-plus units sold, PS4 was a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its fantastic assortment of games. With titles that range from New IPs, to old favorites, and resurrecting a once considered dead franchise, there is no shortage of variety in PS4’s library.

In the list below we look at 5 games that made the PS4 a must-have console. This was a tough task due to the sheer number of amazing games that the console had provided. As a result, some of your favorites may not make this list.  Hey, each game is a best game for someone out there, and the below list is based on the writer’s experience with these games. So, without further ado, we begin with…

Honorable Mentions:


A departure style from the souls games, Bloodborne was arguably the first must-have title to grace the PS4. The combat was as rewarding as it was punishing, and the visuals were some of the eeriest in its time. Bloodborne is a no-brainer if you are into any of From Software’s games, and even if you aren’t this would be a good place to dip your toes in the madness.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 served as the final chapter for one of the most beloved videogame characters in recent times. Nathan Drake’s final adventure not only gave grown men tears when the credits rolled, but also some of the best set pieces and visual feasts in the process.

The game gave plenty of context into Nathan’s psyche and his current actions in the game, and does a good job of establishing his never-before-mentioned brother Sam. All while leaving the franchise open for future spin-offs.

While those games were fantastic in their own ways, they could not make it to our final list which begins with…..

No.5: The Last of Us Part 2

Perhaps the most controversial and divisive game on PlayStation 4, The Last of Us Part 2 served as the long-awaited sequel to the excellent PlayStation 3 exclusive from Naughty Dog. The game garnered a fair share of praise from critics and fans, while at the same time sparking an outcry from another group of fans and critics thanks to the radical change in direction in terms of story and character dynamics.

The-Last-of-Us-Part 2
The-Last-of-Us-Part 2

The game stands as a testament for what a work of art needs to be. Taking a bold step forward to tell a story as originally intended, regardless of the commotion surrounding the direction of that story. All the controversy aside, the game was universally praised for its gameplay, visuals, and overall quality that is expected out of a Naughty Dog game.

TLOU2 is Naughty Dogs most polished title yet and one that, when all the dust settles, will be praised for what it actually is: a gem of a videogame.

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No.4 Horizon Zero Dawn

Developed by a studio which had only worked on one franchise namely a first-person shooter, Horizon: Zero Dawn took everyone by surprise with its great story, immersive and breathtaking world, a deep yet accessible gameplay and a surprisingly relatable protagonist despite its outlandish premise.


While the inherent pedigree from a Sony first party studio and the excellent E3 demos did set high expectations prior to release, the game surprised critics and fans alike with what it had to offer, proving that it was much more than just fighting giant robotic dinosaurs. This open world action RPG was the complete package, and it deserved all the praise it garnered since release.

No.3 Ghost of Tsushima

To be honest, I never saw Ghost of Tsushima being as successful as it is now, prior to release. Thanks to it being the last real PS4 exclusive, it stood the peril of being in the shadows of big titles like Uncharted and Horizon. Heck, various outlets predicted it to be another “Days Gone” which would mean that it would be soon forgotten in the mix of all the great games over the years.

console CTA

This was largely thanks to the gameplay previews that were showcased prior to the game’s release. There was nothing new to seen here, other than looking and playing like what could have been Assassin’s Creed set in feudal Japan.


But boy oh boy was the game so much more than that. Protagonist Jin’s adventure comprised of a great story, fantastic gameplay, and visuals that were nothing short of breathtaking. Ghost of Tsushima not only became one of developer Sucker Punch’s best works, but also one of the bestselling and most loved PS4 exclusives. With so much more post launch support planned for game, it looks like this swan song for PS4 will be played and talked about for a long time.

No.2 Spiderman

This game could have easily been one of the mediocre licensed games that would sell regardless thanks to brand awareness. But Sony, and developers Insomniac, did not treat the game as such. Insomniac’s version of Spiderman is regarded as one of the best. The game’s story is regarded as one of the best Spiderman stories ever told, both of which is saying a lot given the characters legacy across comic books, movies, TV shows and cartoons.


Such is the level of care and attention that had gone in to this PS4 exclusive. All of this combined with excellent gameplay with various gadgets and suits with their own mods, give Spiderman a well-deserved title of being the best-selling PS4 exclusive yet. However, as much fun as Spiderman is, it had to be placed second thanks to……

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No.1 God Of war

2018’s God of War treads the same roads as the last three entries on this list. All games with a decent set of expectations but ended up being something incredible that blew expectations away. More so in the case of God of War. Once hailed as one of the stronger franchises in Sony’s library, with stellar games across the PS2 and PSP, the franchise lost its pedigree with the release of God of War: Ascension thanks to franchise fatigue and emerging questions over protagonist Kratos’ motives and morality. The character shifted from being a likeable anti-hero from the first couple of games to a one-dimensional merciless weapon of destruction by the time the credits rolled in Ascension. When the rumor of Kratos’ return surfaced, it did excite loyal fans (myself included), but not without a fair share of doubts.


However, the 2016 E3 showcase showed fans a franchise reboot with a new, more grounded version of Kratos with a completely overhauled combat system and a more traditional over-the-shoulder third person camera. This started making sense and the hype was back for the franchise. But not many were ready for the wild ride that was God of War upon its release.

With an engaging story, a clever take on Kratos that felt like radical change while also being a natural evolution, and gameplay that was too much fun to put the controller down, the game checked all the right boxes. God of War can be considered a case study in how to resurrect a character and a game franchise. It is, arguably, the best game of the PS4 era.

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