Game creators today, release a large number of video games based on the taste and budget of their customers. Some of these games are not as famous as their creators and publishers would like, while others are increasing in fame and sales. 

With the rise of the gaming industry, two distinct categories of games have emerged: AAA games and mobile games. These games offer different gaming experiences, target different audiences, and have unique testing requirements for game QA. 

As a result, mobile gaming is pushed aside in favor of AAA titles, which have their own position in the market. 

In this blog, we will explore the differences between AAA games and mobile games, and you shall discover the different factors that characterize them. 

Meaning of AAA games  

Game creators don’t mind putting millions of dollars into game development as long as it meets their expectations in sales and ratings.  

For instance, you’ll recall that there was once a time in the GTA IV era when the game was regarded as the most expensive video game ever made. According to reports, the game cost more than a quarter-billion dollars to develop and market. 

Now that’s where the “triple A” concept comes in, and the concept is simple: time, money, and resources. Now, when you think about high-end games, you think about AAA.  

This is because Triple-A games require: 

  • A lot of money  
  • A lot of resources  
  • A lot of time  

This title has traditionally been reserved for games in the following categories:  

  • Games that take years to produce. 
  • Games with expensive advertising campaigns.  
  • Games that require a large budget. 
  • Games with a big development team.  
  • Games with extensive gameplay depth. 

Simply put, the AAA designation is a quality indicator that is given based on the resources invested in the game development and marketing compared to the degree of commercial success it eventually attains.  

The most prominent studios in the industry often produce these games, which are eagerly awaited every year. Notable among these studios are Ubisoft, Eidos Interactive, Konami, and more. 

Meaning of Mobile Games  

Mobile games are those created for portable electronic devices including smartphones, cellphones, pocket PCs, PDAs, tablet PCs, and portable media players.  

Back in the era of Nokia phones, we had simple games like the famous snake Xenzia. But now, we have more complex 3D mobile games like PUB-G.  This goes to show you how mobile gaming has evolved over time. 

Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G are just a few of the connection technologies that modern mobile phones, especially smartphones, include. Wireless multiplayer games with two or more players are made possible by these technologies. 

Can Mobile Games Be AAA?  

On Android and other mobile devices, you may play a variety of fantastic games ranging from puzzles to adventure.  

Mobile gaming is no longer constrained by graphics and gameplay capability. Triple-A games can now be played on the majority of current smartphones. Many android games abound with cutting-edge graphics. 

This is because many mobile devices have up to 12GB RAM and they mostly run on octa-core processors. To play these games, you won’t need a high-end phone or tablet, but you will if you want to enjoy the greatest possible visuals. 

Factors that Characterize AAA Games  

The following are the different factors that make up a typical triple-A game: 

1.  Development Budget & Team Size 

The typical price tag for triple-A games is in the region of $50 million. For instance, over $80 million was put into developing Witcher 3. Also, there are games like GTA V that gulped over $137 million in the development phase. 

AAA video game production teams are enormous, with a team of 50 to 100 people. For instance, you could have a workforce of over 500 people working on triple-A games across different countries and locations. 

2.  Scope of Game, Genres, and Graphics Quality 

AAA games often offer a variety of modes and features and are story-based. 

The most prevalent genres are sports, action, adventure, and shooters. 

And in terms of graphics, the games ought to have high-quality textures and other cutting-edge graphics capabilities. 

3.  Franchise release & Technology Adoption 

After attaining commendable success in the market, triple-A games usually start a franchise. Notable among the franchises are GTA, Assassin’s Creed, and FIFA. 

And when we talk about the technology in these games, they frequently adopt the most recent technological advancements, including gaming engines and special development tools.  

Also, these companies create their own game engines. A typical example is the Unreal engine owned by Epic games. 

Additionally, they employ pricey tools like motion capture to produce stunning cinematics and fluid character movement. These video games were developed for PCs of greater quality and newer console generations. 

4.  Marketing 

Budgets for marketing might be on par with or even exceed those for development. For instance, when it was launched in 1997, Final Fantasy VII, had a production budget of around $45 million and a marketing budget of over $100 million.  

Through a variety of campaigns, sponsorships, collaborations, and other methods, marketing frequently focuses on building anticipation for the game.  

5.  Success Threshold 

Depending on their overall budget, these games should sell at least 2 million copies to break even. In 2015, nine million copies of The Witcher 3 were sold. 

The development company CD Projekt Red tweeted in May 2020 that it had reached a 50 million-unit sales milestone. 

6.  Studio Size & Game quality 

These games are often created by reputable and well-known firms or individuals with relevant expertise. 

Due to the big team size and high spending, triple-A games ought to be well-polished and have few errors or problems.  

What is prevalent among these game companies is the hiring of well-known and reputable voice performers and character models. 

The Most Prominent AAA Studios  

Following our discussion of the characteristics of AAA games, we will include some of the most renowned and well-known Triple-A studios. 

  1. Rockstar Games 
  1. Activision 
  1. EA  
  1. Nintendo 
  1. Konami 
  1. Ubisoft 
  1. Square Enix 
  1. Capcom 
  1. Sony Interactive 
  1. Eidos Interactive  

Final Thoughts 

AAA games are high-budget video games that are designed for the mainstream gaming market, typically released on consoles and PC, with high-quality graphics, complex storylines, and immersive gameplay.  

Mobile games, on the other hand, are designed for smartphones and tablets, with simpler gameplay, and shorter play sessions, and often rely on in-app purchases as a source of revenue. Both AAA games and mobile games are popular forms of entertainment and have their own unique features that appeal to different types of gamers. 

Over time, the triple-A standards have changed. This is because the graphics and overall quality of these games keep evolving to meet the demands of customers. 

For instance, the quality and graphics of the 1998 PS1 aren’t the same as what we have currently. There’s a huge difference, thanks to game companies working round-the-clock to satisfy the players with improved features and technologies. 

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