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There have been many games released on the Play Station 5 since its initial release in 2020. As 2022 is already halfway done, it is important to trace what games are slated for the PS4 and the PS5 and which ones provide cross-platform capabilities. It is also extremely imperative to note games are soon going to be discontinued for the Play Station 4 as next-gen technologies are taking over in game development companies. With game testing and game development companies adopting new technologies and software, it is important to trace the best and brightest studios and their releases across the globe.

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There are a lot more games than the list provided down below; along with a mix of both Play Station exclusives and standalone games- here is our list of the top 5 most awaited games on the PS4 & PS5 in 2022:

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is an upcoming release from WB Games Montreal. As Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment take their second shot at making a DC Comics game after Arkham Origins- there are many rumours about the plotline and about Bruce Wayne’s whereabouts. Along with unique traversal mechanics for each of the heroes from the Bat-Family, this game has a lot to live up to as the Arkham Series has paved the way for a well and trusted superhero game formula.

As a soft reboot of the DC game franchise, Gotham Knights is not linked to the Arkhamverse and the characters are starkly different looking and speaking from their Rocksteady counterparts. It is set to be an open-world action RPG set in the most interactive and dynamic feeling in Gotham City. The game is set to release with both solo and co-op so as to enable the player to switch between characters and watch characters work together in group play.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of Play Station 4 best exclusives that were later on released on Steam in 2020. The initial game was released in 2017 with some of the most impressive open-world experiences- following Aloy’s journey through a futuristic world that holds mysteries in every corner. With the help of next-gen technology, the game has become even bigger with mightier-looking machines and monsters to fight, hunt, and discover. Along with a slew of new weapons and gameplay mechanics, there are many new character types and new underwater battle and traversal options. Forbidden West released exclusively on PS4 and PS5 in February 2022- there is no confirmation on when it will be arriving on Steam for PC players across the globe.

Hogwarts Legacy

This game has already been delayed quite a bit since its initial release was set to be January 2021. Since the announcement in 2020, the game has been leaked on multiple occasions after which Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software have released official gameplay footage at Play Station’s State of Play event this year. 2022 is looking hopeful as the player gets to create a Hogwarts character from scratch and live in a rich world filled with magic, monsters, witches, wizards, and creatures of all kinds. It’s set much earlier in the history of Hogwarts as an institution and is looking to tell stories of how the wizarding world came to be as we know from Harry Potter. It is exciting to see intuitive gameplay mixed with combat, potion-making, playing Quidditch, and learning different spells and charms to explore the depths of Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. Hogwarts Legacy is slated to release in September 2022.

God of War Ragnarök

Serving as the sequel to God of War PS4, God of War Ragnorok continues the tale of Kratos as the initial game on the PS4 took to a new form of gameplay and storytelling for the franchise. It put a new spin on the classic god of war tropes where the game played much different from the previous generations’ God of War games (also read. God of War, God of War 2, God of War 3 & God of War Ascension). The game does not lose its identity at any point of the game and the story falls into place as we rediscover a new Norse world of gods and goddesses. The combat and enemy types seem to be bigger and with more moves and more regions on the map to explore, this sequel to the much-awaited golden release of God of War is set to be released in late 2022. Cory Barlog, the designer of the game mentions that Ragnarok will be the final game in the Norse saga so as to keep the story concise.

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Elden Ring

There is already buzz going around that this game is to win multiple awards in coming game festivals. FromSoftware Inc.’s latest entry in the Souls franchise (also read. Bloodbourne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice & Dark Souls) has brought a massively sized action role-playing game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. With the previous games being a little more linear than Elden Ring, this game is set with a lavishly open and grand environment and very impressive monster designs. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and co-written by the author of Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin, this game is set to tell a new story that is chock-full of different combat abilities, magic spells, summons, crafting, and horseback riding. It has sold more than 13.5 million copies in the first five weeks of release and is looking to be a top contender in this year’s game awards.

There are many other games that are set to release on the PS4 and PS5 in 2022. Some of them include Evil West, Steelrising, Stray, Little Devil Inside, Saints Row, and many more. What games did you enjoy playing in 2022 and which releases are you most looking forward to?      

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