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The global console gaming market value is forecast to reach USD 51.15 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.3 percent between 2020 and 2027.

Game platforms have evolved tremendously in the past two decades. With better hardware each generation came bigger and more complex games. Million dollar budgets have come into picture rivaling movie production budgets. Lack of right Game QA analysis has led to many big budget games being released with performance issues or with bad design resulting in negative reviews and bad sales. Success of a game depends not only on quality of a game, but a satisfying user experience as well. The right test approach is key to achieving a successful product release. At iXie Gaming, we use this as our mantra while testing all video games.

iXie Gaming’s game testing lab is equipped with state of the art hardware – test kits, 4k resolution machines, audio hardware systems dedicated networks and other paraphernalia. Our leadership team has been in the industry since 2003. With a cumulative experience of 200+ years spread across our leads, we have worked on all console generations over the past 2 decades. We take pride in keeping our lab up-to-date with every new iteration of hardware on all platforms. This helps us hit the sweet spot that helps games reach a global audience.

Game testing teams consisting of people who not only look at the product as a job but also understand gaming from a customer’s perspective.

Our Console Game Testing solutions

If you are looking for a solid game QA partner for your title, it’s time to collaborate with us. Here is a list of our console game testing service offerings:

With a decade long experience in working with industry giants, our team has the capability to understand and analyze the game from user perspective. Consult with us to create an outstanding experience for your gamers

Our success relies on the following factors:

Tailored approached to each individual project

Embrace industry’s best practices

Expertise on QA solutions

Leadership team which gives consultation for FREE

We work with evolving technologies and devices in the industry


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