Game Localization

At iXie, we collaborate and work with passionate gaming professionals who are experts at delivering an expansive range of game localization services ensuring an immersive end user experience. 

We provide quality Translation and Localization services to clients from North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia.  

Why Choose iXie?

We provide unmatched quality translation services with a creative vision and attentive client service by native and non-native speaker translators. 

Superior Quality – Professional and competent editors thoroughly check every translation work to achieve the highest quality possible.  

Availability – A fully scalable business model with quick turn around times and flexibility to ramp up resources at short notices. 

Competitive Rates – Our rates are the most affordable among translation companies worldwide. We provide full ROI on our projects based on client needs, without any compromise on quality. 

Area of translation expertise

We offer a range of proven game localization services that include games as well as software applications for Mobile, PC, Console, and Web along with Legal, Technical, User guides and Operating instructions. 

Our Team – Translators, Editors and Reviewers

In addition to being native speakers of target languages and certified language translation professionals, iXie translators, editors, and reviewers have the following:  

  • A university degree in language translation, linguistics, or a technology related field. Many have master’s or doctorate degrees, as well as scientific and/or technical backgrounds. 
  • Knowledge and experience in Gaming industry.

iXie’s Localization Process

Our localization process is stable yet flexible enough to address your individual needs. The following is an example of our game localization process: 

Project Management

The project manager oversees your project from beginning to end. He or she also  communicates with you throughout the process, so you’re aware of what’s going on every step of the way. The Project Manager will: 

  • Establish a production schedule and process catered to meet your specific needs.
  • Allocate the necessary resources. 
  • Manage each phase of development and follow-up with involved personnel. 
  • Implement quality assurance checks. 
  • Report progress to you.
  • Solicit and incorporate your feedback.
  • Deliver the final product.

The Team

In addition to a project manager, the team assigned to your project may include the following: 

  • Terminologists — ensure that translated terminology is accurate, and that it’s consistent with industry standards.
  • Translators — translate online text and hardcopy documents from the source language to the target language(s).
  • Editors — review text and make sure it conveys the text’s original meaning; ensure that text is grammatically and structurally correct, and that it complies with rhetorical standards in the target language.
  • Desktop publishing specialists — ensure that the final product has the same look and feel as the original; help access graphic-embedded text so it can be translated; ensure that graphics are appropriate, accurate, and complete.
  • Software engineers — ensure that code is maintained properly and that it’s appropriate for code implementation; compile localized software components if necessary.
  • Quality assurance specialists — monitor each phase of the process to ensure that the product works properly and that it will accommodate the target market. 


Once we receive the necessary files from you, we do the following: 

1. Confirm which target language(s) the product needs to be translated into, including, if applicable, which variation of the language(s) — for example, English into Serbian (Latin or Cyrillic), English into Albanian (Kosovo or Albanian dialect) and so on.

2. Check the integrity of each file. Confirm the file type and make sure we can access it.

3. Create a glossary.

4. Create a translation memory using previously translated company materials (when available). 

Translation of support literature

We translate the corresponding documentation in order to: 

  • Confirm the accuracy of the translation and adjust the text if necessary. 
  • Make sure the text is consistent with the software and the help system. 
  • Re-check the graphics. Make sure they correlate with the newly translated software and help system. 
  • Finalize the layout. Confirm that the layout is consistent with the original document. 
  • Confirm the quality of the finished product. Make sure everything is accurate, consistent, and attractive. 
  • Solicit and incorporate client feedback. 
  • Check the quality of the new version again. 

At iXie, we continually check our work to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve – and more!