HTML5 Game Development

Our dedicated HTML5 game development team comes with years of experience in using CocosJS, PlayCanvas, PixiJS, WebGL, etc. for developing games for browser, desktop and native mobile platforms.

Our development team ensures your game responds to various screen sizes and input options while keeping the focus on making a fun game.

Why Us?

  • Collaboration – We are a closely-knit unit that ideates, innovates and brings years of experience in mobile game development
  • Robust Developers – Our team consists of certified Unity developers who ensure you get the best output for your vision
  • QA Expertise – Our highly experienced in-house QA teams ensure all our games are thoroughly tested and are compatible across different mobile devices
  • Flexibility – While we offer fixed rates and resource-based rates, we are flexible with our costs. Our business development team works closely with the clients to find a solution that best suits your requirements
  • Skilled Talent – Our team of Producers, Programmers, Artists, Game Designers, Animators and Sound Engineers work proactively to deliver world-class games and have the experience in building cross-platform titles
  • Seamless Gameplay – Whether it is high poly 3D renders or casual 2D art, our team will help build you a world that doesn’t strain the player while playing your game for long hours while ensuring that every asset is of the best quality without hampering the gameplay experience
  • Transparency – is a key point in our ethos. In order to achieve an honest and open communication, all the stakeholders for a project will have access to our online dashboard and we are always available on Zoom/Meet/Teams to assist you with any queries
  • Agile Technique – We use Agile to develop our games. Our team has the experience to adapt to the client’s needs and together with our Product Managers, we create achievable Sprints and Milestones to give the stakeholders a clear picture on the timeline for a project

HTML5 Game Development Technologies We Use

Cocos2d-JS supports both cross-browser and cross-platform HTML5 game development. With Cocos2d-JS, we develop 2D HTML5 games of all kinds. Our Cocos2d team is also capable of altering the source code of the game engine if required.

PixiJS is one of the fastest and flexible WebGL renderers in the world. With its feature-rich API and other developer-friendly features, our development team can create games, applications, and other experiences that work on multiple platforms.

We have expertise in creating 2D HTML5 games with WebGL and Canvas rendering across desktop and mobile web browsers using Phaser, a 2D game framework. With Phaser, we have created games of various genres, like RPGs, platformers, casual games, etc.

At Juego Studios, we use PlayCanvas for 3D HTML5 game development for mobile and desktop browsers. With PlayCanvas, we develop games and visualizations, including casual games, product simulations, architectural visualizations, etc.

We create 3D games and content using Three.js, a 3D JavaScript library, and API. Three.js renders GPU accelerated 3D animations which helps HTML5 game developers to create 3D games with high-fidelity visuals on both mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

WebGL is a JavaScript library for rendering 2D and 3D games and experiences. Using WebGL, our developers create cross-browser and cross-platform compatible games that perform with smooth frame rates regardless of the device.

HTML5 Game Genres We Create

Game Development Process

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