Game Localization QA Services

Localization QA testing ensures the final product is not just free from language-related defects, but it was specifically created for the regional target audience. A localized product helps you introduce your product to locals, and subsequently create more business opportunities and scope for expansion.

At iXie Gaming, we collaborate and work with passionate gaming professionals who are experts at delivering an expansive range of QA offerings ensuring an immersive end user experience.

Steps involved in Game Localization QA

We offer a range of proven localization QA services that include games as well as software applications for Mobile, PC, Console, and Web. Our internal quality adherence audits provide quick turnaround times and ensures high-quality service while offering competitive pricing and maintaining flexibility to ramp up resources at short notices.

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Why choose us for your Game Localization QA Services?

Here’s 4 reasons why you should choose iXie Gaming’s Localization testing solutions to satisfy your locale gamers requirements

Native-language/Bilingual translators

We have a team of fully proficient native-language translators , provide 100% accurate translations.

A team of passionate gaming professionals with a knack of localizing games

With a productive team of multilingual experts working in sync with highly experienced project managers, test leads, and testers, we always strive to provide you with best quality of localized content.

Timely execution

We constantly put our efforts towards meeting deadlines, while maintaining utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Competitive pricing

We provide full ROI on our projects based on client needs, with zero compromise on quality.

Harness the power of testing from experts at iXie. Our advanced test strategies and experience testing across all genres and titles helps in saving the game development costs for our clients.

Our success relies on the following factors

  • Tailored approached to each individual project
  • Embrace industry’s best practices
  • Expertise on QA solutions
  • Leadership team which gives consultation for FREE

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