Game Functionality Testing

Game Functionality Testing is not just about playing the game, it is a serious business. A vast number of games are released every year, and the demand for bug-free games is a must for every studio.

“According to Newzoo’s Global games market report
there are 2.2 billion active gamers globally.”

The gaming industry is expected to generate $230 billion in revenue by 2022. The studios are showing an increased focus on AR and VR, on top of pursing the current platforms such as, console, desktops and mobile phones. The pressure to keep up with the industry is mounting for studios. Developing quality games is just the first part, the games need to be tested vigorously for bugs before its release. The biggest concern faced by gaming studios is in finding the right Game QA partner for game functional testing.

iXie’s Service offering

At iXie, we understand the necessity of game testing. Being an independent game testing firm, we have the liberty to test and report all bugs unbiased. iXie gaming provides end-to-end functional testing services with the help of the industry’s best functional testing tools. iXie’s Game functionality testing techniques are well structured and follow industry’s best practices. Our top priority while testing the application is the end user’s experience.


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iXie’s Expertise

At iXie, we have more than 6 years of experience in the field of Game Testing. We are recognized as one of the leading Game testing firms in the world. We have diverse experience in this industry with more than 150 titles covering various genres. All our testers are well trained and have a passion towards gaming.

iXie does game functionality testing across all the platforms like desktop, mobile, tablet, console, AR, VR and cloud gaming. Our arsenal comprises of more than 300 devices and 200 plus personal computers. Our vast experience in this industry has taught us how to address our customer’s needs. Our comprehensive Game Functionality Testing procedure makes sure no bugs go missing. Our testers actually navigate to all menus and sub menus looking for bugs. They also play the game completely till the last level and in all modes to make sure there are no functionality related bugs.

Game Functionality Testing Procedure

The goal here is to identify bugs that may affect the end-user experience. We work based on a pre-defined checklist to make sure nothing goes missing. Our functional testing techniques make sure that:

  • The application is working according to the given requirements.

  • There are no game play issues such as load time, errors and crashes.

  • All the menu functions of the game are working fine.