Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been dominating console sales charts ever since its release back in 2020. The company has since complemented the console with various accessories such as wireless headsets, charging docks, a media remote, and earbuds creating a mini eco-system of devices that enhance the overall experience. It has been four years since the release of the PS5 and it was at around the same timeline that Sony released the PS4 Pro, after the PS4 had launched back in 2013.

While there have been no official announcements from the company yet, some recent leaks and rumors have all but confirmed that we can expect a PS5 Pro by the end of 2024. But will the PS5 Pro make business sense in the tumultuous market in 2024? What are the spec bumps the new machine is expected to have? And, more importantly, who is the PS5 Pro’s target audience? Let’s explore the answers to these questions and more.

Unraveling the fact from the fiction

Information on what is a potential Pro version of the PlayStation 5 started trickling on the internet not too long ago, before the news gained traction and major outlets started chiming in. The one almost unanimous thing among all those stories was the supposed spec sheet of the PS5 Pro. The specifications were pretty much identical adding weight to the authenticity of the information. Then Sony did the one thing which all but confirmed that the information was accurate. The company started taking down videos that reported on the story. So, taking all of this into account, let us first look at the rumored specifications for the PlayStation 5 Pro, of course, with a pinch of salt.

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Exploring the Rumored Specifications of the PlayStation 5 Pro

The PS5 Pro is rumored to have the same AMD ZEN2 CPU as the standard console but will now be 10% faster capped at 3.85 GHz. Developers will have the option to use this high-frequency mode at the expense of the GPU being downclocked by 1%. Having said that, the GPU on the Pro model is believed to be 45% faster than the base PS5, at 33.5 TFLOPS enabling 2 to 3X raytracing performance. The Pro is also believed to get a plethora of minor upgrades in the audio department.

While memory is expected to remain the same as the standard console at 16GB, it is also believed to run at a higher frequency boosting performance. Plus, developers will now have access to an additional 1.2 GB from system memory which totals up to 13.7 GB as opposed to 12.5 GB on the base PS5. Then there is Sony’s proprietary upscaling technology “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution” or PSSR which is believed to be powered by AI Machine learning. All of these add up to what appears to be a juiced-up PS5 rather than a big leap in terms of hardware specifications. There is some information still unclear like whether customers will finally get 1 TB of storage, or if the detachable disc drive from the base model will be supported on the Pro.

Examining the Discourse Surrounding the PS5 Pro

What is more interesting, however, is the discourse on the PS5 Pro as a product itself. With the PS5 releasing during the pandemic and consequently being hit by supply issues many see the console just starting to hit its stride this generation. So, the idea of a Pro model is seen as a lost cause by many gamers. On the other hand, there is Sony’s perspective on the matter. The PS4 Pro was launched in 2017 when the PS4 was at its peak in terms of popularity and sales. But, the PS4 Pro could not ride on the hype of the base console, which is evident by its sales numbers which amount to a small fraction of the total sales. Yet, Sony invested in the idea to cater to the customers who want a little extra with their games. The type of customer that appreciates the additional frame rate and better resolutions.

PS5 Pro is targeted squarely at that customer base, which may be small in numbers but is equally important to the business. The specifications, if true, should be able to provide a decent increase in visual fidelity while maintaining steady framerates. With 4K TVs and monitors being more common now than ever, this could result in a better reception for the PS5 Pro.

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And that is where we are at with the PS5 Pro. However, developments are occurring almost every week, and it seems like it is only a matter of time before a formal announcement. Sony seems ever so committed to the idea of the Pro model, which according to the same outlets is code-named “Trinity” for the game development community. This is a cool parallel to “Neo” which was the code name for the PS4 Pro. Developers are said to have been encouraged to ensure their games have pro enhancements with more focus on features like ray tracing. So, we can expect games that come with the moniker “Enhanced for PS5 Pro” when the console inevitably launches.

With a rumored PlayStation Showcase on the way in June, the event looks like a safe bet for a formal announcement, with a proper reveal of the product and pricing announcements coming later in the year. But these are just speculations at the moment. As a PlayStation fanatic, I hope the company gets the pricing right, and that the overall value of the new console ends up being higher than the sum of all the improvements it offers.


Is Sony releasing a PS5 Pro?

While there’s been no official confirmation from Sony yet, recent leaks and rumors strongly suggest the arrival of a PS5 Pro by the end of 2024.

What are the expected upgrades on the PS5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro is rumored to boast a faster AMD ZEN2 CPU, a significantly faster GPU, potential audio upgrades, and enhanced memory performance.

What improvements can gamers expect from the PS5 Pro?

Gamers can anticipate improved visual fidelity, faster framerates, and enhanced ray tracing performance, making for a more immersive gaming experience.

Who is the target audience for the PS5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro is aimed at gamers who seek higher performance and visual enhancements, catering to those who appreciate better frame rates and resolutions.

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