In the gaming industry, marketing of games is as important as developing games. Not getting your marketing strategies right is a sure way to limit the success of your games as a marketer.  

Everyone wants to save time, right? Not to mention seize opportunities to save expenses associated with user acquisition, enhance user engagement, and eventually encourage more purchases. 

This blog aims to highlight some must-have gaming analytics services marketers will find useful for improving their marketing efforts while saving time.  

However, let’s briefly get acquainted with the role of marketers in gaming.

The Roles of Marketers in Gaming

Marketers depend on analytics to increase sales, boost ROI and determine where to use their limited time and resources.  

However, because of the intense rivalry and the brief shelf life of games, marketers must invest heavily in marketing and promotion to: 

  • Obtain as many users as they can in a brief period of time. 
  • Keep players around as long as you can before directing them to your upcoming game. 
  • Make sure the tiny fraction of players who spend a lot are satisfied while simultaneously focusing on attracting new people who could be gamers just like them.  

Generally, marketing analytics involves the measurement and evaluation of metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) to ascertain: 

  • The outcome of your marketing strategies.  
  • How your efforts fare, in comparison to your KPI and objectives.  
  • Areas that require optimizing and improving your strategies to yield better results.  

Therefore, utilizing and understanding the numerous analytics tools is crucial for marketers if they want to make their sales campaigns more effective. 

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Necessary Analysis for Marketers 

Below are the two key analyses a marketer requires to make customers return for more: 

1. Retention Analysis

The retention report is determined as the percentage of all unique users who actively used the game during a given period. 

2. Cohort Analysis 

You may group users with similar traits and track particular KPIs over a range of durations using a cohort report. 

It provides a pretty excellent idea of the typical customer’s quality and whether it is rising or falling over time.  

5 Gaming Analytics Services Marketers Must Have 

Gaming analytics is all about who and what you know. It’s crucial to have the appropriate assessments in place, but it’s even more crucial to make sure you track them correctly. 

Below are 5 platforms marketers can use to ease their analytics journey: 

1. MixPanel 

Event tracking is the first feature in Mixpanel that lets you boost user engagement. Also, you can customize things like event names and layouts on Mixpanel.  

Furthermore, the Slack link is nice and enables you to monitor who registers for your platforms and responds to problematic accounts.  

Mixpanel is a user-friendly event-based tracking tool. It provides real-time information on your users and gives insights into how they utilize your product or service. 

You may learn what people appreciate about your product or service through the insights and also observe which behaviors they repeat by following in their footsteps. 

Knowing these crucial periods allows you to improve user engagement by making the necessary adjustments.   

2. Flurry 

This analytics platform is reputable for being the only analytics tool on the market that offers a completely free service to its users.  

Flurry features a go-to dashboard for metrics. This implies that you needn’t sign into different stores.  

Also, with the real-time reports on Flurry, you needn’t rely on the app store especially if you want to make a side-by-side comparison between iOS and Android apps.  

It is free; which means you get a ton of wonderful features for nothing!  

Although there are many things you can modify within the charts, there are also many in-built views that you’ll find helpful. 

3. Fire Base 

This is a platform by Google that supports app development and is highly regarded by many gamers.  

Much reputable development teams the world over use Firebase to ship their apps. 

The different tools on the platform serve to perform different functions. They range from flagging and fixing faults with apps and tracking analytics, to marketing development tools.  

Also, Firebase features the ability to provide reports on up to 500 different events, and this service isn’t just free but unlimited!  

Furthermore, this platform features user activity data for iOS and Android apps, enabling improved performance and app marketing decisions. 

4. GameAnalytics 

The name of this platform makes for an easy understanding of what the platform is about. It is reputable on the market for being the best tool for developers.  

The tool is free and the interface is easy to understand. It features several meaningful metrics that give insight into player behavior.  

The interface presents concise data that developers and marketers can use to work on areas that need improvement for customer satisfaction.  

The analytics you can get from the interface is secure and give detailed insight into the overall performance of games.  

5. AppsFlyer 

This platform is cloud-based and it uses real-time data to make analysis that is critical to making good business choices.  

The interface is easy to use and integrates nicely into your browser; thanks to its superb data-loading ability.  

You can make a detailed analysis of every event and client behavior in your app. This will come in handy as it helps determine whether or not you have met your target.  

Additionally, AppsFlyer features a fraud prevention mechanism that helps you avoid unreliable traffic sources.  

Apart from its ability to let you track your install & uninstalls, the platform also tracks user engagements by generating custom events that make tracking simple.  

From a marketing perspective, a feature on AppsFlyer lets the retention team easily reach out to less active users with SMS and emails to encourage them.  


The progress they say has two sides to it. In the gaming industry, one of these sides has birthed loyal gamers, impressive games, and trends that spectators can support.  

On the other side of this progress is where getting strategies right becomes challenging for marketers. Therefore, an effective way to alleviate this problem would be for marketers to prioritize investments in game analytics solutions and tools that help get the job done.  

That way, marketers are assured of improving the retention rate, engagement, as well as monetization of their products to meet their desired sales target.  

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