As you might have already heard, there are only a handful of the most well-known game localization companies in the market. And even some of them have recently been expanding their service areas or increasing their number of clients with new products which require localization support. If you’re looking to release your next game and need an experienced and professional partner who can help you bring your vision/design to life, outsourcing could be a wise decision. 

Why You Should Outsource Your Game Localization 

1. It saves time 

The process of localizing a game from English to another language is a long, arduous one. Many different aspects need to be considered, ranging from the visual style of the game and its characters to the gameplay itself. Over time, this can lead to a game being localized in several different languages at once which increases the amount of work that needs to be done and makes it more expensive. 

When you outsource your localization, however, you not only save time on the task itself but also on all of the other steps involved in getting your game ready for launch. This means that when you bring on an outside team to translate your game’s text into another language, they have fewer resources and less time to work than they would otherwise.   

2. It increases the quality of your game 

Outsourcing your game localization can help in improving the quality of the game because it allows you to focus on the content and design of the game rather than worrying about how the language is being delivered. When you localize a game yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutia and lose sight of what matters: the gameplay

If you want a high-quality translation, then you need someone who can take that translation and make it into something exciting and engaging. Games are fun, but they’re also complex systems with hundreds of moving parts and if you’re not paying attention to how those parts interact, your game will be weak or broken before it’s finished. 

Outsourcing your localization means that you can hire people who know exactly what they’re doing and people who have worked in game localization for years. They’ll make sure that your game has an engaging story and characters; they’ll make sure that all of its mechanics work well together; they’ll work hard to ensure that everything feels natural and functions as intended and all this time, they won’t have to worry about what words look like when translated from English into Polish or Russian. 

3. It saves money 

Outsourcing is often cheaper than doing internally. This is because there are always going to be more people working on the same project at once than there are employees within your own company. So, finding and hiring translators or editors can be pretty time-consuming, especially when you need several people working on one project at once (almost always). And even if you have translators on staff, they might not be fluent enough in every language to translate everything accurately. This can take up valuable time, which could otherwise be spent developing the other parts of your game.  

4. It helps generate more profit 

When you outsource your game localization, you are making someone else responsible for the text and voice-over in your game. This means that they can manage this aspect of your game without having to worry about issues like bugs or technical problems. They are also able to translate your game into different languages.  

This implies that they can increase their productivity because they don’t have to work on other aspects of your game but instead focus on translating it into other languages. It also means that you don’t have to hire more staff members or spend money on hiring translators, which means more profit for both parties involved! 

5. It increases the freedom of your team members 

Utilizing a new translation team can give your team more freedom because they don’t have to worry about the language or cultural nuances that come with your home country. 

When you’re working on a project in your language, you’re limited by the things you know and understand. For example, if you’re trying to localize a game for the US market but don’t speak English very well, it can be tough to translate the text into English without some help from a professional translator. But with a new translation team in place, they’ll be able to work with you directly on the texts and make sure they sound natural and accurate. 

This also means that your team will be focusing more on creating an excellent product than worrying about whether or not their translations are going to turn out well enough for consumers around the world! 

6. It makes your game more accessible to different gamers worldwide 

Releasing your game in multiple languages is a great way to expand your audience and reach new potential customers. 

But if you’re localizing your product for other languages, you have to consider the accessibility of your game to different players around the world. For example, some languages have more complex grammar than others and if your game is written in English, it may not be as accessible to non-English speakers. 

By outsourcing the localization of your game, you can ensure that all players across all cultures will be able to understand what they’re reading and playing. 

Final Words 

To summarize, outsourcing your game localization benefits both the developer and the gamer. With a small dedicated team, you can localize your game into several languages within only a month, which is much faster than you or a group of volunteers would be able to. And by outsourcing the work, both parties benefit: the developer will have more time to focus on making the game unique and engaging, while gamers have a more comprehensive selection of games to play. 

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