Here is a look at my last week as a Senior Test Engineer at iXie Gaming. I had an exciting week and wanted to share my experience with game testing entrants, experienced testers, and the general public on what it is to be a game teste at iXie Gaming, where fun and work go hand in hand:

Monday, 11:00 AM: I logged in to attend a stand-up meeting (we are currently following Agile) with my team members. We plan and discuss the STAGE build release, for one of our mobile game applications which are scheduled for Thursday.

11:30 AM: We started with a sanity test and then moved on to execute test cases for the given build.

1:00 PM: We performed regression testing with the android and iOS builds of the mobile game

3:30 PM: After our lunch, we found some bugs which needed to be posted on to JIRA (Our client was keen on using one of the best project management soft wares).

6:00 PM: I extended my support to perform an exploratory test on a VR-based fitness game, which refreshed my senses because of the active physical engagement that the game requires. I used Oculus Rift (……….) to explore the game.

Monday, 08:00 PM: I log out after an interesting day working with games on different devices, platforms, and genres.


Tuesday, 11:00 AM: After a quick stand-up meeting, I started to work on A/B tests which were designed for 2 different sets of end customers. I found some important bugs and filed them with the appropriate proofs.

3:00 PM: Our team got together to vote for the best budget-friendly wedding gift to be presented to one of our colleagues who is going to tie the knot soon. At the end of the meeting, we were left undecided on the gift; we have planned to finalize it later on.

3:30 PM: One of our clients wanted 30 players to playtest a match-3 game that they plan to launch soon. We dutifully executed the test cases and found some bugs by performing negative testing. We collected the required data and submitted our findings. I logged out after completing the tests.

6:30 PM: I extended my support for a compliance testing requirement. I worked along with one of our finest compliance testers whose experiential knowledge spanned different platforms and formats. This helped me better understand the market requirements.


Wednesday, 10:00 AM: I started out early to attend to a performance test requirement from a new client. I used a high-end gaming laptop (…….) to play the First-person shooter (FPS) game. With one of many dedicated secured devices; I captured the required parameters and submitted them for review.

2:00 PM: I learned about a new MOBA game (Multiplayer online battle arena) that one of our teams would start testing. It is a game that is designed to satiate the post-PUBG world.

4:00 PM: I attend a call to discuss an NFT-based game. The tokenomics part of the game is still underway but the game itself has started to take shape. With the support of encouraging enthusiasts & followers, the studio is planning for a big launch with NFT avatars & tokens which will be won by the early exclusive members.

Wednesday, 08:00 PM: I logged out after an engaging day.


Thursday, 11:00 AM: I started my day with an update from the developers on new builds to be tested in the STAGE environment. We hit the ground running by initiating a round of stand-up meetings followed by test case execution.

6:30 PM: The stage build worked fine as expected and we signed –off the build as to be fit for PROD release.

7:00 PM: I caught up with my colleagues over a cup of coffee, starting with the everyday musings we deep-dived into the latest trends and the promising games due to be released. I learned that some of my colleagues will be testing with the latest X-box consoles which got delivered the day before.

8:00 PM: I did a final check before logging out for the day.


Friday, 11:00 AM: We were prepped for a beta–testing project, where we justly executed the test cases and submitted our observations and feedback.

4:00 PM: We discussed setting up a gaming analytics strategy for a casino-based game. We covered extensively over and above the usual parameters such as – daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), defining what metrics and KPIs are worth looking at, and when the players are likely to churn? and when will the non-payers be likely to spend? etc.

7:00 PM: I extended my support towards a console game. I explored the game world with a fresh perspective and went about the simulated environment. I found the game to be interesting and was informed that I would be testing it later next week!!

Friday, 8:00 PM: I logged out for the day, and bid goodbye to my colleagues who logged in to work in the US timings.

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